Enertion 83mm Power Wheels (used for under an hour) £30

Recently bought the Enertion Raptor duel which came with these bad-boys on but already had some real Abec’s sitting in waiting so don’t need them. Literally under an hour of riding time put on these stock wheels so they’re basically brand new. If you’re building an esk8, these obviously fit the Enertion pulleys, grab um cheap before they go!

Looking for £30 + shipping. (UK BUYERS ONLY)

i’ll get them :smiley: how much for shipping to the Netherlands ?

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No clue lol, let me ask at my local shipping shop. Will report back with quote in a couple hours. Do you care about speed? Bc obviously Fedex is gonna be more than just standard first class shipping with tracking…

nope…do not care about speed that much…as long as it is not one month :)) but i would though like some tracking on the parcel :wink:

It’s £27 with tracking and about £2 for the box

so that is an extra £29 ? isn’t there any other possibility ? Royal Mail should have some options :smiley:

That quote was Royal Mail with tracking, and I’m sorry to say but I wont send unless it’s tracked. This is why I’m hoping to find a UK buyer if poss… If you want it let me know.

it is more than a set of brand new ones…sorry. But the price is not worth it :wink: have a great day

Yeah shipping overseas doesn’t make sense.


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Do you still have these for sale?