Enertion and Torqueboards motor mounts, is there a difference?

I’m currently going for a bigger pulley system, trying to fit on a 15mm belt for Boosted drive wheels. I’m deciding on motor mounts right now, is there much of a difference, or are they much the same? To be specific I’m talking about the new V4 TB mount. I’m sorry if this is a super stupid question, I’m new to this and I want to be sure on my purchases.

Thanks in advance.

The TB mount is adjustable in the angle(more/less distance to the deck). it can only fit 63mm motors. The enertion mount is not adjustable in angle(which you wont need normally). It fits 50mm and 63mm Motors

The enertion mount you can adust the angle a bit but nowhere near as much as the TB

It is to some small degree because of the way that the belt tensioning works, but not to the degree that TB’s are, and the degree to which you can adjust the angle isn’t really all that useful unless you’re making only minuscule adjustments. But you can, to a tiny degree, adjust the angle at which the motor plates attach to the mount brackets.

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I know, bout to keep it easy i thought not adjustable is ok, maybe we should say not useful adjustable^^

LBH much better explanation as always😄

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So ultimately what would be the verdict. I’m not sure if TV is I’m USD but since I live in Australia, conversions easily make it over $100 while enertions is half that. Is TB worth the extra adjustments?

Edit: I just checked and saw that my motor, the Tacon Bigfoot 169 is 64mm, it was mentioned by @flatsp0t that they both only support 63mm. Will that small 1mm make a difference?

There will be a motor mount for 50mm as well. The Tacon Bigfoot mounting holes are the same regardless if it’s 63mm or 64mm. So the Tacon would fit with our mounts.

they’ll also fit on enertions, or at least they should since the bolt hole patterns are the same. Enertion’s mounting plate is flat so it kind of doesn’t matter how big the can is until you start bumping up against the mounting clamp while its fully extended, which won’t happen at 64mm i’m certain. There’s still a few more mm after that to go.

overall I like the enertion mounts most, since they are the most compact mount (265mm belt with 16/36T gearing), very stable, beautifully looking with that mix of aluminum and carbon.

big downside: it only works on caliber 50s, 44s are already changing the angle too much that they dont really work anymore without large risers. and yea, other trucks dont work at all. other ways of mounting dont work either - so there are a LOT of downsides due to its specific caliber 50 focus, but if you like caliber 50s I think its the best mount you can buy! :slight_smile:

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@whitepony - We’re using 255mm on 16T/36T. Just FYI for the latest v4 motor mounts.

ah, thats really cool, forces big motor pulleys of course, but Im a fan of 16T anyway!

you really need to clean up your homepage, i dont get the 1 million versions from welding to ver. X anymore!! :stuck_out_tongue:


@whitepony :slight_smile: We’re working on that. lol

I have tried many of the motor mounts out there. Alien Drive (old version), Torque/DIYes v3, and Enertion current (Aluminum/Carbon).

They all work. I’d love to get my hands on more of the v3 from DIYes as i love the adjustability, but they can be fiddly to setup correctly (partly why he went to v4 and simpler/cheaper to make i’m guessing). Ease of setup i’d have to say the Enertion ones are best. Adjustability the DIYes v3. The ADS (old version) worked great, but needed a lock screw as it liked to rotate (yes i could JB Weld, or loctite, or … I did none of those and it was stolen before i could “fix” their lack of locking screw design issue - but it was a gap in design that almost everyone else offers.)

I’ve not tried some of the others out there, but you can’t go wrong with either. If you are in Australia i’d probaly go for the easiest/cheapest to get. Unless you have a challenging deck that needs uber adjustment (drop deck or something) - they will all work!

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Pretty sureTB moved to v4 because v3 had a design flaw. Not enough material because of that one screw and it kept breaking at the same spot. I had to re-purchase 3 of them which was a bummer. But glad to see the v4 design change, its holding well for now :slight_smile:

Thanks @Msk8 - i have v4 from DIYes, and v1 and v2 modular ones he made. I really like v2 (my mistake calling it v3) which is modular. The new v4 are very beefy and haven’t broken one yet, but i’ll periodically inspect.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the clamp style.

TB is a one piece clamp thats like a C that slips over the truck hanger.

Enertion clamp is two piece with two screws.

TB v4 mounts are golden. I like the older Enertion mounts too. Either will work very very well, but the TB mounts provide far more mountingoptions and a smoother glide across the hanger during belt adjustments.

They sound different. Completely different.