Enertion Battery

So I was told by the enertion support team to ask my question here as the community could help with my question. I’m not positive how you all will know, but hopefully someone here knows or @onloop can chime in.

I caved and would rather buy a battery pack from diy or enertion instead of using LiPo’s. The thing is I already have my VESC configured with an XT-90 anti spark. If I’m correct the enersion 10S3P battery back is configured with a XT-60 anti spark plug. Do any of you know if they will modify the pack to have a XT-90 before shipping out?

I rather it done at the source than having to solder the pack myself. Thanks all. board has all parts in, minus battery and an updated motor mount.

As far as I know, they don’t even make anti spark xt-60’s. The space cells are directly sent from the manufacturer in China, so no. You’ll have to change out the connector yourself or get an adaptor.

Edit: I think @onloop sends @longhairedboy a bulk order of batteries, then @longhairedboy sends em out in the us since it’s cheaper that way.

Dude, it’s about half a dollar to exchange an xt60 with an xt90 plug or vice versa. C’mon…

I don’t get what your point is? I don’t mind purchasing it. It isn’t about money. I just didn’t want to have to resolder something if I didn’t have to.

ask @longhairedboy to do it for you; he gets all the batteries, and would likely be able to modify the connection.

it would cost you a lot more than just doing it yourself though…

@Mahirob - Our DIY EPOWER Packs come with an XT90 connector which match up with our XT90 VESCs.

I’m glad you responded I was going to message you about our notes (also why I haven’t ordered the one part from you yet). Do you also sell housings for it? Or is there a third party?


We don’t have any enclosures just yet. We will soon.

@psychotiller sells custom enclosures and has longer ones for the flat packs.

I’m an idiot. I wasn’t thinking about a converter. I was drained from working all day and didn’t think your comment through. Good called. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__62937__XT90_male_to_XT60_female_2pcs_bag.html

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It’s an easy solution but it’s nothing more than 2 connectors soldered an heatshrinked back to back. But it’s what u want to use… I would build that myself and have some spares laying around…

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That has been known to happen on occasion.

so @longhairedboy you aren’t hiding the SPACE Cell Pro 4’s from us, right?

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I bet he has them all over his floor and he is just rolling around in them kinda like what he wanted to do to the VESCs >: (

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i tell @onloop that i’ll pass them on but secretly i just take them all and hide them then ship people used pinball machine parts. Then i paint them red and put my sticker on them and call them the Ultra Mega Cell and charge four times as much, but i don’t ever actually ever ship those, I just keep posting about delays and push back the delivery date every so often until people forget they ordered them, then I hit the casinos with the take.


That sounds very familiar hmmmmm

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Deja vu hmmmmm…