Enertion Build help

Hi i’m thinking about building an electric skateboard with the 190kv electric skateboard motor 6372 from enertion but i’m wondering could you give me an estimate of how fast it would go on a flat surface. i’m 54kgs by the way and im hoping for about 30 to 45 kph. if not could you recommend me a motor and battery that would suit my situation. Thanks Reuben.

it will do around 36km/h +or- depending on your gear ratios/wheel size.

edit (assuming 10S battery)

Many factors go in to your top speed. Not just your choice of motor. To have an idea you’ll need to gather more details: Motor KV Gearing- Motor Pulley/Wheel Pulley Battery Votage Wheel Size

It all depends on what battery setup and gear ratio you’ll be running.

If you use 10s, and somewhere around a 14/36 ratio you’ll be hitting those speeds easily. In fact, I’m running that same setup right now but with the smaller 6355 motor, and it’s working out really well. I’m also about 10kg heavier than too.

A common setup is the enertion space cell, VESC, motor mount kit, and enertion motor.

Good luck man!

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Download the calcrc app you can use this to calculate speed.

I took some screen shots calculating the Enertion product set up with 36v. I used 190kv motor as you said you will use. You can swap out the pinion for a 13,14 or 15t which changes the top speed. From this calculation subtract a few mph due to wind resistance and such.