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Enertion CF complete first big run

Hi guys, today I took my enertion carbon fibre complete to a tower carpark with some of my cuz. It’s amazing!

So a bottle about me, I have built over 20 different electric longboard decks! When I’m don’t be I pull it apart and or sell it then start again. Started with my own mounts pulleys then to alien then to custom again, then my hub motors.

ATM I have an enertion setup and the latest space cell and Carbon fibre deck really completes the package some thing that I have never had in any of my builds.

  • super slim deck with built in components
  • looks amazing (so glossy, I didn’t want to use grip tape.
  • dirt just wipes off.
  • with caliber trucks it rides like a dream, it’s stiff even with a stiff wood deck you have some flex at 100kg but this thing is strong.

One thing I love doing with the twin 6355 motors is going up and down the carpark on my stomach 50km/h my Garmin gps watch clocked going down and 40km/h up (because knee problems it’s nice and safe laying down over 30km/h)




I have been waiting to see how one of these holds up to some decent riding.
It certainly looks the business.
I’ll be paying close attention to see how it goes.

Looks great!.. The dirt wipe down is the best :smile:

Haha yes it always shinny and clean, little messy on the inside, but with the new pcb for the caps and the fit will be nicer.

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wheres the video?..