Enertion Drive Wheel Pulley

I still got this New Enertion drive wheel pulley 36T 12mm (2x), Enertion belt 12mm (4x), and 12mm 15T Steel pulley (1x) if anyone interested. All for 60$ + shipping to US from Indonesia 20$ (sorry couldn’t find cheaper rate)

I Will buy 2 Wheel pulley 12mm! Ship to holland Hoe much wil it cost? Gr sam

Hi, can you give me more details like postcode, city etc. The shipping would be expensive from Indonesia. Anyway i don’t want to sell the wheel pulleys only, i want to sell them all for 60$ + shipping (if you don’t mind the cost, i could check them for you). Btw you could get some 12mm pulley from eskating.eu, or maybe from unikboards.com, closer to you i think.