Enertion eboard with Honey deck

Finally finished my eboard. Took 40 min to put together. Finding the right board took weeks.


Enertion pro drive+ motor and truck kit Enertion space cell pro4 Enertion Vesc Honey Velocity 42 inch deck.

Just finished up taking it for a spin and i have to say its pretty impressive so far. Tomorrow I’ll take it for a long ride and share my thoughts.



What did you use for controller?

Not sure what it’s call but got it from Enertion. It has a little ring hold

Could you send a link?

Old stock. Only available through support.

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Maybe this one?

Nice! Looks like mine.

This one. Like the feeling of it. Not sure why it’s an old model.

You had influence in my decision :slight_smile:

Thank you. Good recommendation!

So far with only the mono drive I’ve clocked 38 kph with more up its sleeve! I’ve completed 24km on one charge with 40% battery remaining. I weigh 95kg. Are these good numbers?

So far I’m loving the board with the exception of what I believe to be interference/jamming on the odd occasion. Which I’ve discovered is irrelevant to the battery status.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Is the receiver and winning remote to blame?

I’ve posted about “stuck throttle” or unresponsive brakes using the winning remote before and know a couple other users here with similar issues. I’ve switched remotes for this reason and have been doing well with my new remote that I plan to sell on here in late october/early november.

As for range, sounds like you’re getting decent range with it! You should be getting about 36km per charge going on flats.

Thanks @Jinra , what remote are you using?

Awesome, thought it was good for my weight.

Anyone wondering if one motor is enough, rest assured. The Enertion pro drive + carries my frame up some decent hills and I haven’t felt much heat (maybe because it’s winter here). Credit where credit is due @onloop. This is not a fanboy post (if you think it is read my posts around my purchase) just some assurance to those looking to move into the diy but don’t have the budget for 2 of everything.

Where do you buy it as a standalone item?

You can get one from http://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/handheld-electric-remote if you want it right away. I think it’s an older revision though. You can also order through benchwheel directly, but it may take some time to get to you.

These numbers are awesome. Makes me pumped to get my board together!

You will be very happy. Make sure you thread lock everything properly. My motor mount got lose yesterday and damaged the gearing on the wheel. Good news though. Ordered 2 replacemence last night from Enertion and they posted this morning!!! Thanks @carl.1 .

I bought red and blue. Where do you think I should use blue (semi-perm) and where to use red?

I only use blue and it’s good for everything, just make sure you give it 24 hours to cure.

Great, now I don’t know what to do. I ordered the “old” remote from Enertion when I was getting parts, they refunded me $20USD and sent me a “better but cheaper” Winning remote. Hope I don’t die