Enertion Lids mod

I try to experiment the deck, by changing the screws with neodymium magnets. Idk if thats spelled correctly. haha. Basically, I want to see what happen if I replace the screws with magnets. Less time doing electronics maintenance inside the compartment.

I did some countersunk on the screw holes using 8mm drill bit. I can still use the old screws though. Cheers

Cool idea… I have been thinking about ways of eliminating the screws!..

Magnets is one of the ideas i had. How does it work?

I will post the results tomorrow, as want to make sure that the super glue cure completely. Neodymium magnets have its own characteristics to retain its magnetism although subjected to high vibration. and its cheap too. Did some testbench, the receiver antenna sits directly underneath one of the magnets, and no dropout. We’ll see tomorrow.

They are pretty powerfull too, We use them at work for various appliances and you don’t want to stick your finger between them. That counts for a 3 cm on 1 cm magnet.

Don’t worry, it’s just an example. :slight_smile:

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I think it is also worth noting that once you dial in your perfect VESC settings you rarely need to remove the lid.

The use case for a quicker lid removal would be for faster battery swap!

However, that in itself might not be necessary when the new space cell battery comes out which has 33% more WH :stuck_out_tongue:


I use magnets on my board! Works like a charm holding up abs shells

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Yep, neodymium magnets is awesome. I am using mini 2.4Ghz remote control and no drop-out.

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what about when you hold the transmitter over your head?

No problems at even even from hundreds of feet away. I’ve tested like 200 feet My reciever isn’t directly in the magnets path tho I’m sure if you put it in the wrong place you’d notice something

i was asking more in reference to the carbon fiber blocking the RF signals. Apparently that has become an issue in some cases. Since i work with wood and fiberglass, i haven’t experienced this, but i think some raptor owners have.

Yep no problem using 2.4GHz mini remote. I am not sure though with nunchuck or nyko kama.

Sounds exciting! do you have know if it’s going to come out before or after the VESC gets back in stock?