Enertion motor mount and 83mm FlyWheels

I am ready to buy this, but I want to ask you if this will work :slight_smile:…

SK3 6374 + VESC + 10S Selfmade deck Caliber trucks



Do you think it will fit? And do you know if enertion will ship to Germany?


For a single drive take the 12 mm system. They could cost you a lot because of shipping from Australia, you may prefer to buy a kit here http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/europe-gb-wheels-trucks-motor-mounts-battery-pack-vesc-switch-controller/13419

I agree with SirDiff on the option…go for the 12mm version as you will get some extra torque from your motor. They will ship to Germany without any problems… but it will be via DHL express ( if items are not on stock in the Belgium Warehouse) and if so then be prepared to pay an extra 25-35 euros for the express shipment and Zoll Taxes… :wink: