Enertion Nano X (New No box)

It has been tested and it works without any binding issues, it hasn’t been used for more than a test ride, it’ll come with receiver.

I’m looking for $ 45 plus $ 5 for shipping to USA

I’ll look for the price and let you know after the weekend

If @Wolfcola won’t take it, I’ll buy it. :slight_smile:

Guys the only issue about this is you will have to wait until March 28 when I travel to USA otherwise the shipping cost would be USD 40 as I’m located in Lima Peru.

Oh, okay… I live in Denmark :slight_smile:

You can message me then to see if I still want it. I don’t need it till the summer anyways as there is still snow on the ground here.

Can you ship it to poland?


Man, this was 2 years ago :grinning:


Haahhaha thanks already found one