Enertion Nano X remote

Is their anyway to connect it with the receiver without power off/on the board? (Like the board is on and i want to connect it without power off the board)

I noticed a few times on my raptor 2 and on my dyi that if i leave the board and controller on connected for a longer time(like 30 min) without riding a few times it change to if i brake it accelerate and if i throttle it brake. How can this happen, any way to “reset” it with out power off/on ? ( its not the same remote or reciever on the raptor 2 and dyi so its not related to just 1 item)

The internals of the nano are from the winning remote. Which is pretty poorly regarded.

But perhaps searching for the issue and possible solutions using the winning name will get you an answer

Oh great to hear, I just bought one :neutral_face:

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Iv had that happen on mine couple times im not sure but think may be the button on the side that does it? i had the remote in my pocket then when took it out throttle/brake were reversed, i thought maybe that button was being pressed while it was in my pocket. But yeah i just switched it off to reset it.

@CarlCollins may know, he recently helped me out with a faulty nano

Nano is poo. You have to calibrate it everytime you use it. Drives you nuts eventually. Turn it on, go full forward then full backward then turn on the board. Wonderful backward tech.


Well i think its a great controll if i look on others on the groupe rides, it never lost connection and i have never needed to calibrate it with that full forward/back.

But atm my button is broken so i cant turn the board on/off without removing the enclosure so i just hope there was some way to connect it to the board without the need to put the board off/on.

Thought that was the whole point of this thread be honest. If you calibrate it then it will go forwards when you want to go forwards and brake when you want it to brake. Not vice versa.
Now I realise you want to connect it when the board is already on. Can’t calibrate when the board is on. As I said old tech.

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