Enertion not refunding shipping for pre order items?

I pre ordered the Nano X remote, and I decided a short time ago to sell all my things for personal reasons. I asked to get refunded along with my R-SPEC motor, which I returned to them. I paid $78 for the Nano X plus shipping, and I just got my refund today for the motor (didn’t get the shipping refunded on that, but it’s understandable since it did actually get shipped to me), but the Nano X only got refunded for $69 for the remote. The Nano X isn’t even released yet, let alone shipped so I’m not sure what’s going on here… If you read this @onloop please let me know what’s up, order number #6309




More proof

Also I didn’t make this post to try and give Enertion a bad reputation, I love the work Jason is doing, and I will continue to support him if/when I make a return to esk8 building, but I thought this was just a bit weird. I would like for this post to be deleted once/if it gets solved.

that sounds like it’s probably a glitch built into the system, @onloop’s customer service most likely deals with these on a case by case basis. Did you contact their customer service prior to uploading on here?

I’ve contacted them prior to sending my motor off, and they discussed I would be refunded the full amount of what I paid for the orders. I would have liked the full $230 refund for the motor, but it’s more understandable that it was shipped off to me, and I shipped it back to them, out of my pocket though. It might be a glitch.

Email [email protected]