**Enertion Parts Liquidation Sale**

Hi eSK8ers!

So for anyone who’s been on the forums the last couple of days you may have come across this post

It snowballed slightly out of control so I’ve started another one here. If you’ve not read the other one it’s actually pretty meme’tastic and will also give context as to why I’ve got all the leftover Enertion stock!

By way of quick recap Jason (@onloop) has handed me the duty of selling of the remaining Enertion parts from his parts business whilst he focuses on Raptor 2.

I’ve counted up all his remaining stock and worked with him to create prices much cheaper than what he offered previously and cheaper than anything else I can find online for a like product. The idea here is to sell the stock and pass on a good deal to the community. As mentioned in the last post group and bulk buys make the most sense to help distribute globally and the pricing reflects that. Any purchase of a particular item type greater than 10 will receive a further discount.

Below is all remaining Enertion stock with the exception of a few bits and pieces Jason has kept back for Raptor 1 warranties and claims. If it’s not on the list it’s not available anymore:

How do I place an order?

To make this run smoothly and ensure everyone gets exactly what they’re after I’ve created a specific email address to channel requests and questions and have set up a Google Forms order form which will populate my inventory list so I can more easily track orders.

Email Address:
[email protected]

Order Form:

There have been a lot of messages since the last post and I’ll try and get back to everyone separately but the best way to ensure you get what you want is to submit an order form by following the link above. This will then populate my orders list and I’ll serve people on a first come first served basis. If people are interested in larger orders then it’s still ok to PM me but it might take me a little while to work through the backlog so the order will confirm your interest.

Once you’ve completed an order form I’ll get in touch via email with postage costs and if you are happy to proceed with the order I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Once paid, I’ll email you with shipping / tracking details provided by the courier/postal service.

Once I’ve given everyone on the forum first dibs I’ll then create eBay ads and open it up to everyone else! If you’d prefer eBay then I’ll also add links to the ads in this thread when they’re up and running. I’ll also provide updates as stock is sold so you know what’s still available. It’s gonna take a little while to burn through all the pulleys though so no worries there! :smile:

Here’s some more detail on the parts:

1 x 9mm Wheel Pulley 1 x 9mm wide, Injection Molded 36T Wheel with integrated bearing, recommended for dual rear drive *truck hanger mod required

1 x 12mm Wheel Pulley 1 x 12mm wide, Injection Molded 36T Wheel with integrated bearing, recommended for mono drive *truck hanger mod required

1 x 9mm Belt 1 x 265-5M-12 Synchronous Timing Belt with 5mm Pitch x 9mm Top Width x 265mm Outside Circ. x 53T

4 x Bearing Spacers 1 x (set of 4) 10mm Bearing Spacers. These are used inside the core of the wheel between the 2 bearings to ensure a better connection to the axle

4 x Power Wheels 1 x (set of 4 wheels) 83mm 80A Enertion PowerWheels

2 x Truck Risers 2 x 9mm medium softness high quality flat truck risers

8 x Truck Bolts / Nuts 8 x 1&1/2 Truck Bolts (countersunk, hex head) / Nylock Nuts

8 x Bearings 8 x ABEC-9 (608 RS) ball bearing dual sided rubber sealed wheel bearings

1 x Skate Tool 1 x Slide out Allen key and Phillips head screwdriver 9/16" socket for trucks 1/2" socket for wheels 3/8" socket for hardware

1 x Winning Remote (W2) 1 x Mini 2.4Ghz universal remote controller with receiver for electric skateboards

1 x Hardware Skate kit Kit contains the following items (same as items listed above):
x1 set of 8 Trucks Bolts/ Nylock Nuts x1 set of 2 Truck Risers x1 set of 8 Wheel Bearings x1 set of 4 Bearing spacers x1 Skate tool

1 x Enertion Skate Pack Kit contains the following items (same as items listed invididually above):
x1 set of 4 Enertion PowerWheels x1 set of 8 Trucks Bolts/ Nylock Nuts x1 set of 2 Truck Risers x1 set of 8 Wheel Bearings x1 set of 4 Bearing spacers x1 Skate tool

Pulley advice Just a quick word of caution for anyone who’s not familiar with Enertion parts or is new to esk8 the wheel pulleys require a modification to the truck hanger which has been well documented through the forum. If you’re not sure about this please do some research first to avoid disapointment! I’ll make things like this more clear when I post pics and add descriptions of the products but if you’re not sure and can’t find the answers please ask before ordering.

Group / Bulk buys We’re in the process of setting up group and bulk buys in the US, UK and EU to help distribute the parts as single order shipping globally doesn’t work out to cost efective unless you’re buying a fair few items.

----EUROPE---- @TarzanHBK has set up the following group buy and will be handling EU purchases:

----USA---- @thisguyhere is in the process of getting opinions from the US community to see what parts they’d be intersted in and will likely make a bulk order and handle sales from there on in:

----UK (TBC) ---- …though the Queen is well up for a couple of R-SPECS and I don’t have the heart to tell her these have sold out!

Any other questions in the meantime please hit me up via PM or my email [email protected]




@TarzanHBK You ready for a group buy? Or should I just order for my self? :slight_smile:


Do this fit on evolve trucks


EU people, i’ll create a google form tomorrow for the group buy :+1:


Hey @Blacksheep I’m not entirely sure - perhaps @onloop knows or someone else has tried this?

Thanks admins as well for removing the superfluous chat :wink:

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Thanks everyone who’s submitted a form so far. I’m still looking into postage but will reply with accurate postage costs in the next day or so (hopefully this evening).

Based on feedback from the previous thread I’ve dropped some of the hardware prices further (especially for bulk buys of 10 items or more) and also added the following packs:

1 x Hardware Skate kit - $18 (USD): Kit contains the following items:
x1 set of 8 Trucks Bolts/ Nylock Nuts x1 set of 2 Truck Risers x1 set of 8 Wheel Bearings x1 set of 4 Bearing spacers x1 Skate tool

1 x Enertion Skate Pack - $44 (USD) Kit contains the following items: x1 set of 4 Enertion PowerWheels x1 set of 8 Trucks Bolts/ Nylock Nuts x1 set of 2 Truck Risers x1 set of 8 Wheel Bearings x1 set of 4 Bearing spacers x1 Skate tool

These bundles incorporate the bulk prices to make shipping smaller quanities a bit more worthwhile.

You’ll notice the form now has photos and I’ll be sure to add these to the top of thread tonight too.



dan, just to get an idea, how much would shipping for the “Hardware Skate kit - $18 (USD)” shipped to, let’s say, Los Angeles, CA, USA?

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Good question. I’ve been looking at the various options with Australia Post today to get a benchmark and they seem to be cheaper than the couriers (FedEx/DHL etc).

Shipping from Australia to the US I can post a parcel up to 0.5kg (which I don’t think the Hardware Kit would exceed) for the following prices:

  • Economy Air (6 business days - no tracking) for $13 (USD)
  • Standard (5 business days – tracked) for $19 (USD)

I’d personally prefer to do it tracked so I can provide the tracking reference once it leaves Oz. But for the grand prize of $37 you could buy the stuff cheaper from your local skate store!

Think group buys will be the only way to make smaller orders cheap for people outside of Oz. I’ll continue to look for cheaper courier options in the meantime though…

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Let’s do it :slight_smile:



I’ve updated the original post with adiditonal pics and there’s some exciting group and bulk buy action happening!

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Another group buy ?


Nice work!!! Let’s do it! Thanks for putting your hand up for this. If we follow @TarzanHBK’s EU model it should be pretty straight forward to run. I can create you another Google Form too to help you montior stock.

There’s no takers currently to receive / coordinate the UK group buy but I have family there so I’m thinking I’ll set up a UK specific one and post everything already packed up so it can be immediately and simply dispatched once it hits.

I’ll look to set this up later tonight :wink:

Order update!

Thanks everyone for your patience the first orders are now out, group buys are gaining momentum.

OZ: Orders shipped: @slukell - order shipped! @Diabbex - order shipped! @septicdank - Invoice sent @Diabbex - Invoice sent

Oz eSK8 members who didn’t leave there alias:

  • Tobias Feger
  • Josh Nicholson

I’ve dropped you guys emails, let me know if you got them :slight_smile:

US: @thisguyhere has made a large purchase of pulleys and will be selling directly to customers in the US. I’ve passed across the details of all US orders which come through the form so please get in touch with him ref your requirement. For those of you who left your esk8 alias these are: @mmaner @boramiNYC @Mikenopolis @Rob69de @HansG


EU: All orders passed across to @TarzanHBK and he’s busily been helping you guys populate the EU orders list. Only exception is @acido - your remotes were posted yesterday. Speaking of remotes these are now running low - @TarzanHBK how many of these do you require?

UK: @colinphotovideo you’re the only UK order at the mo but I’m going to try and set up a UK group buy - watch this space.

NZ: @Spiritedride - just dropped you a reply, sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

India: @Vishal_tejwani I’m afraid your single pulley order is going to be pretty expensive ($18) to ship but if you wanna go ahead or add anything else to the order to make it more worthwhile please give me a shout.

India group buy? :wink:


I am only esk8 member from whole Country, cannot think of group buy

I did a groupbuy for bestech,I live in croatia and will ship some bmss to israel Wheres the problem


Sorry vishal - It’s a shame there’s not people from India on the forum - I think you need to get out on the street on your board more, hand out flyers and put up posters :wink: Just kidding…well kinda! :smile:

PM me if you really want the part and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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Although a BMS has a much higher value/volume(weight) ratio than plastic pulleys :-/

7$ shipping