*** Enertion Parts (UK Group Buy) ***

Hey UK eSk8ers,

It’s your turn now :wink:

…see link below if you have no idea what I’m talking about! :slight_smile:

Apologies for the delay in setting up the UK group buy but I’ve been trying to work out the best way to get stuff to you and I have great news…

I need to send a load of stuff to the UK (my home Country), and so will include any orders from this group buy in that box so the only shipping you’ll pay will be internal shipping costs within the UK!

I’ve set up a UK specific Google Form with all prices in GBP.

The form will collect all responses following which I’ll send PayPal invoices out to collect payment for the parts plus UK postage costs which I’ll estimate based on weight (should be between £5-£10). Once all payment is in I’ll ship the stock to the UK and my fam will take all the individual packages to the post office and they’ll be with you shortly there after.

I’m gonna run this from today until next Friday (23rd Feb) and will aim to post out the stock the following Monday and you’ll get your parts the week after that. Yippeeee!

Posting this stuff out for free is probably gonna bite me in the ass but hey - I’ll take one for the team to get the stuff out to you!

If anyone would like to set up a larger bulk buy just shoot me a PM otherwise please use the form.

Any questions gimme a shout.

Ride on!



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I posted this in Oz when you guys were likely sleeping so now I’m bumping in your evening!

I’m assuming this got buried before…



do you still have bearings and would you ship to EU? good bearings can cost an arm and a leg.

Also could I just buy a single remote from you im at Ireland.

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Good bearings can be found for cheap.

link lol? 10charizard

I’m with @stormboard1 Give us a link dude.

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Cant provide a link since there are many options, depends on what you’re looking for in the bearings and what your budget is.

Doesn’t have to be a name brand for them to be good, i use namebrands cuz i know they work, but i recently bought a pack of Ceramic bearings for a dollar or so each on wish they seem to work pretty well.

i bought abec 9 bearings only to find out it doesnt matter the abec its just marketing hype bull

I know of

Bones red bearings all great, but you can only find them on amazon.com or some Usa based stores or try buy off eBay and hope to get genuine bearings. but $8 bucks for bearings that someone claimed make there Wh per mile from 13 to 11 sounds very nice!

Yeah of course! I was hoping to get a few more orders in the UK though to make International postage less expensive.

Is anyone else keen?

I know @TarzanHBK was thinking about stocking up a few things for an EU orders so you might be able to get in with him?

If not, posatge is around about 15 quid for up to 500kg (which this order would be under).

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Loving the bearing discussion here btw! Intersting to see how passionate people get about bearings and the difference in quality. I have to say I’ve skated for about 30 years and I can’t tell the difference in feel between a $10 set of bearings and a $50 set - in fact I’ve felt cheated in the past when I’ve splashed out only to find they roll no different from the equivelent ABEC ones I had on previously. The only time I’ve felt the difference is when I’ve cleaned old ones or switched out to a new set. I’m sure plenty of people can feel the difference but I ride pretty hard and have never needed anything more than standard type bearings…


Let me see if I can first start a group buy with my siblings. hey Leah wants some new wheels and bearings? Mary what about you? I will Investigate shipping costs from Ireland to UK, Spain, etc. wait 500KG Do you need a ride home?

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Oh whoops! Yeah that’s a really heavy parcel :joy: Sorry…500g!

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There’s a lot of skate shops that sell them here though, I buy mine down the street almost.

I was in France and went to a skate shop they charge like 25 bucks for the $14 bones reds off of amazon.com and in Ireland threes not a lot of skateshops, and stores here are rips offs.

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amazon,com is us so the price will be higher with taxes or shipping.

Unikboards sells them for 15 Euro, skatedelux sells them for 13 if im not wrong and skatepro 16 euro.

Just send a link.


If they still do it you should be able to get a free pair if you buy over x amount of money, they had that offer not that long ago so should still be there.