Enertion pulley installation

my enertion motor kit finaly arrived, sadly it does’t come with a manua what so ever.

Currently im tring to figue out where the 15t pully’s scrw hole is located ? lol I see my set came with two M4 screws, but no hole on the pulley.

you can always refer to videos on their youtube webpage .

when i recieved my package , i was like you . and i never was a skateboarder or inline skate . i’m a cyclist , then got my motorcycle licence at 18yrs of age , then car licence . and i NEVER knew about Brushless DC motors .

yes i am new to Brushless DC motors and all the fixing of longboard stuffs . luckily i didnt assemble the trucks the other way or else it would turn wrong side instead of right side .

in total , i spent SIXTEEN DAYS to complete my built . that’s D.I.Y . we learn from mistakes and improve .

the first day of completion

hahaha, grats !! your video made me soo happy hahaha, i’ll probally be as exited as you when my setup is finally finished.

the enertion vieo’s don’t really show everything clearly, especially the pulley installation. Did you have a m4 screw hole in your pulley ? mine just has the tooth slot, but no screw hole for the m4 screw. Yet the screws were included in the whole enertion kit.

Thought the vids were good. Was there something specific you needed clarified.

post a pic on what you recieve through parcel . and double check with supplier if all items accounted for . i got so many videos in youtube . i hope some of it will help .

Mate, I received the same kit as you a few days ago and have put mine together the other night. The motor pulley does come with 2 set screws but you don’t use them. You should also have a small steel ‘key’ which just looks like a small rod, in the same bag as the screws. I had to look twice but it was in there! Anyway, you just slide that into the slot on the motor shaft, then align the keyway on the pulley itself up and slide it on.


why don’t you use the set screws on your motor pulleys? Do you use socket cap M3 bolts instead?

Sorry, the M4 screws were meant for the motor mount itself, not the pulley