Enertion pulley system 9mm to 12mm

Okay so one thing I hate about set screw is that the head can kill itself so easily and what’s more is when you use it on motor pulley requires threadlocker aka loctite. So, after broke 2 9mm belts in 3 weeks, I decided to go for 12mm drive system which still came from enertion.

I didn’t use threadlocker when I first build my board and the pulley got some clearance which making noise so put loctite 263 on set screws. Even bought bit longer set screws in case couldn’t get them out so I could use clamp to rotate them out.

Who knew both heads on set screws were ruined in 5 secs… and couldn’t clamp them out at all. So it was time for grinder and it did a amazing job that made my two 9mm pulley died :rolling_eyes:

Still don’t know the best solution for screws to pulleys, luckily 12mm system from enertion needs no set screw (loctite on the whole motor axle lol). And for enertion’s truck, only needs few washers and realignment motor mounts. Truck’s axle is just enough for 2-3 additional washers. (dual setup)