Enertion Pulley & Turnigy Motor Shaft

Hey everyone, I’m currently working on my build (finally got all the parts!) With the Enertion motor mount kit, and a Turnigy Sk3 6364 245 kV motor. The build video on enertions YouTube had two circlips, whereas the turnigy didn’t come with that - I have a washer so that the pulley isn’t up against the carbon fiber material, will this be suitable? And do I have to do a grub screw modification for the pulley to sit properly on the Motor Shaft?


the washer will not help. you could make it easy and glie it on with Loctite 648


Remove the washer. You need gap between the pulley and mounting plate. Best option is to drill and tap 2 holes in the pulley between the teeth and put 3mm grub screws in. Put one right in the key slot. Also grind or files flat spot opposite the key slot on the shaft where the opposite grub screw will sit. I wouldn’t recommend gluing the pulley on because you’ll need to be able to remove it easily in the future to service the motor. if you don’t have a drill press with vise and drills and taps then the easiest solution is to buy a pulley from diyelectricskateboards.com They come with grub screws already.

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With a grub screw, I need to file down my motor shaft then? There’s a key way in the top - I’d like to utilize the motor pulley I bought from Enertion.

I mostly agree with Namaski except I would,and did on my own ,… add Red Loctite to shaft and Grub screw.

When time comes to remove,… heat pulley around grub screw, then unscrew ,and use small puller to remove Pulley if needed .

Assuming that your motor does not have a key slot, you will need to grind a flat spot on the shaft for the screw to seat and not slip.

What’s the trick to making sure the pulley is seated away from the carbon fiber motor mount? Is it just eyeballing it?

There’s no real secret to it mate. Once you use the grub screws to lock down the position of the pulley it’s not moving anywhere. Put sufficient loctite on the grub screws and if you wish you could put some on the shaft before you slide in the pulley. It will dry up into a sticky surface and help prevent it from moving axially along the motor shaft.

you can use skateboard bearing spacers & grind them down to be about 7mm, they are normally 10.9mm

or you can use a stack of “speed washers”


@onloop thanks for the reply, I wasn’t sure what total distance I should have the pulley seated away from the motor mount - friend from work has the tools for filing and drilling a tapered hole for the grub screw.

@JuniorPotato93 should there be two grub screws? I have a friend who’ll be able to file and set one, not sure if I could ask him to do it again on the opposite side…

Oh no you can use one. I was just thinking about my pulleys it has two but some have 1. It won’t make a huge difference.

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I would put pulley as close as possible to mount .About 2mm .

I viled a flat spot on my sk3 for the Key and then added a circlip. Works flawless


I would put it aligned with the wheel pulley, wherever that is…

how did you add a circlip to sk3 shaft, can you take a picture of it? Thanks.

I haven’t done it but I would imagine a Dremel will make quick work of that. You could file it by hand with a small rattail file as well.

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The cosest it is to the mount the less stress it will have on the motor bearings !

You can always move the mount to align pulleys

locktite red will release with heat from a small torch so it should be fine.

Hey everyone, I’ll be using the key slot within the Enertion pulley. Filing down the motor shaft slightly, I’ll fill the gap with some loctite and put the key in place, binding between the pulley, the key, and the motor shaft. This should be suitable, without a grub key, according to my work’s mechanic. I’ll get the pulley as close to the motor mount, but I’ll be eyeballing it. Unfortunately, the project is on hold due to me getting appendicitis, (which definitely blows).