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Enertion Pulleys and Turnigy SK3 Motor

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on my first electric skateboard and so far stuff has gone great (Except for the long wait on various parts from HK and my VESC). Now I bumped into a bit of an issue:
I bought the Enertion pulley system, modifying my truck for the wheel pulley went fine, but now I noticed the Turnigy SK3 (245kv) motor doesn’t have the slot/keyway in the shaft see video.

So currently I have no way of ensuring the pulley doesn’t slip. I might want to cut the keyway myself but I have no Dremel handy so that’ll be quite the challenge.

Any suggestions?

You could drill a small notch and throw a grub screw in there with some loctite.

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Hmm could do that. I’ll have to check my garage to find a grub screw and a tap though. Especially one that small.

@Jamy I made a keyway with a dremel tool in an sk3 245KV and I would not recommend doing that! It’s very difficult to cut the shape just right. I don’t know if I’ll ever get that key out of the shaft! Do a flat spot with a grub screw. If you don’t want to tap your motor pulley, I’d suggest buying a different pulley. At this point what’s another $15?

Hmm that’ll probably be the easiest solution. Suggestion for where I can find one at this price? It’s 12 mm belt 15T.

I also made the dumb decision to go with round Paris 180 trucks so I’m also still figuring out a motor mount :sweat_smile:

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DIYES has a motor mount that works w Paris trucks. I use one and it’s awesome. I haven’t gone pulley shopping in a while. Every vendor sells some version of motor pulley, but it gets harder to find as you get more specific about what you need. Check the usual suspects.

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