Enertion pulleys, US / North American for sale

They’re finally here, I’ve received shipment from @DanSkates and I’m happy make them available to everyone who’s been looking for them (I’ve tagged you below).

I am listing them on my eStore:


There’s no way I’m keeping track of everything manually through here, hence the store. A small side effect is everything is transacted as Goods&Services and I am passing on the fee to you.


Both the 12mm and 9mm pulleys are $14 plus $2.6 shipping for each.

Anyone purchasing 9mm pulleys, I recommend adding 2 belts for $10.


Before pictures, please be aware. These pulleys will NOT fit on conventional caliber ii trucks. Normal caliber truck axles are about 35mm. 23mm of that is usable, the remainder is the threading. These pulleys will need about another 10mm axle length.

Punching out the pulley bearing will NOT work as there will be nothing to retain the pulley inside the wheel. Don’t do it.

Please see here for details:

And here’s LHB making it work:

Normal caliber mounted:

Any extended trucks, ie TB 218mm, to no surprise works fine:

Now onto the good bits.

12mm 36t pulley

These pulleys are about 13.5mm wide, using 15mm belts shouldn’t be an issue:

9mm 36t pulley

9mm 265mm Belt

Nothing much to add here.

More pictures:

PM me if you’d like to purchase in bulk, we can work out a deal.

Notifying interested parties:

@mmaner @boramiNYC @Mikenopolis @Rob69de @dAeM0N1K3 @Hansg


Smooth transaction! Thanks for setting this up.

Thanks for doing this.

I’m not seeing the belts in the store?

mike, the belts are on there now, and belts can only be purchased with the 9mm pulley.



Thanks. Just ordered and paid

Going to order right now omg yay!

33t wheel pulley is nice for high speed runs but ive been wanting a 36t bad for torque.

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Are there any of these left? I tried to go to your website but is asked me for a password?

sorry, my server’s down atm, fixing now.

but yes, they’re available. I’ll update here when it’s back up



ok, site’s back up: www.esk8life.com

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Nice i tried last night couldn’t get in then saw your post :rofl:

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Paid! just had to get some from you :rofl:

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yup I see you, you overpaid for shipping I’ll send you a refund when I get home.

should be in the mail today.

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how do you feel about the life spans of these 12mm pulleys, ive had other 9mm printed ones come apart when it was time for a wheel change.

I just checked shipping and it said $7. You post here said 2.60… is it an error on your site?

yes it is, I’ll fix it in a bit.

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I haven’t run these long term but raptor 1 completes that use this pulleys are still running out there.

these pulleys are injection molded not printed so should be much more durable

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shipping’s fixed, www.esk8life.com

it’s a bit over $4 for the first pulley, $1.5 for each additional.


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Still have wheel pulleys?

yes i do, like a whole box of them.

took the store down, you can have them for $10 a piece.

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