Enertion Raptor 2.1 First Ride Birmingham UK

Thanks to Davis for putting this together from the footage we had from the weekend.

I will say that bloody Raptor is SCARY!!!


Nice video !! Did you try top speed??

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not even close, the way it accelerates(and breaks) in performance mode doesn’t inspire confidence and you back off a lot.

I actually feel a lot safer and more confident on the wowgo at high speed

Thats a matter of vesc Tool configuration. I felt that the nano accelerates faster than my gt2b mod but like i said only configurations.

But i do admit that the r2 has plenty of Power!

I want to run 12S on this … dont know if it a good idea

I run raptor 2 hubs on vesc 6 with 12S4P pack. Not enough power :smiley: image


Your board look so nice!!! How much speed do you get ? And did you get the battery from torque board??

No clue about the top speed as I’ve never tried. I stopped at 50km/h since I didn’t have leathers on but it had plenty left I bet. If the stock raptor does 50km/h with 80mm it should do 62.5km/h with 100mm since it’s 25% ish difference. Bumping up the voltage by 20% should give 75km/h theoretically. Will be less due to wind and voltage sag and so on. I’m happy with 30km/h or so so it’s way overkill.

Built the battery myself from samsung 30Q bought at nkon.nl. Some more about the build here. https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/landyachtz-evo-36-falcon-2018/51745

Main problem with raptor hub motors is the heat tho. You can’t max it out for long before the truck will be hot hot hot :smiley:

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Yeah i read a lot about heat issue … that why i want to go 12S , in theory i should get less heat because i can set lower amp motor right??

And thanks for the link!

Energy is Energy :smiley: If you have more power at your thumbs you will use it and that will make more heat I’m pretty sure ^^

Yes that what im thinking too :P! Do you have to stop often because of the heat :s?? And How much motor amp did you put ?? Sorry for all the question … :slight_smile:

I’m using a custom hanger with better cooling so it’s a lot better now. I don’t really stop to let it cool but I don’t push it for 10km uphill either. I run 60 motor amps now.

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How much range do you get with this battery pack :)?!

No clue :stuck_out_tongue: never ridden it more than 10km in one run.

Because pf the heat pr you just do small run :P?

Never tried any longer. Could prolly do way more but I don’t ride much and never went on any longer trips.

I was riding in a city once and the board just went full throttle on me and I was left standing on my feet looking at the board launch into a construction fence. After that I never had confidence with it again. Most likely I will rebuild it as a push bike/scooter since it’s easier to bail and hold it then :smiley:

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