Enertion raptor 2.1 (not even 3 months old) *cliking sound*

Hi everyone! I got my raptor 2.1 been using it about 2/3 times a week to go to work. 5m drive. Im always very carefull not to damage the board. I really enjoy riding this board. This morning while ridding to work i noticed a loud clicking sound coming from the left wheel. I stopped checked, seemed alright so i drove off and it kept going. The more i accelerate the more it clicks louder. When i had time to check the board i noticed that it keeps clicking even if i turn the wheel with my hand. Its sounds like something with the bearing or a possible magnet loose? I have emailed enertion but taught it wouldnt harm to ask here for opinions… This thing is way to expensive to start “clicking” this early :rofl: anyways if anyone has any experience with these hubs please let me know. Ps: dont think its even possible to take the bearings out or open the motor to fix it :disappointed:

If you’re looking for customer service here, you want @barajabali or @adrianenertion or @CarlCollins.

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