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Enertion Raptor Electric Skateboard - First Third Party Review

The Enertion Dual Motor Raptor’s first third party review complete is up! The crew at Review Longboards after a past collaboration, decided to try out the Enertion Raptor and write up a complete review of the board. You can see from the review that they loved the board! Check out the Enertion Raptor Review and their great website, Review Longboards, here.

Congrats on the solid review.

While it’s good that they reviewed this board, honestly I felt they did a pretty bad job of reviewing it. They basically reiterated specs and things everyone already knows. There were no objective tests done. Plus I feel a video review draws in many more buyers. I’m not sure why no 3rd party or customer has done a proper video review yet, but I’ll definitely be doing one as soon as I get mine. I have been informing people on the boosted subreddit about your board though, and most people didn’t even know it existed. If the raptor lives up to its claims, I have no doubt that once word gets out buyers will flock to this over boosted. And with my video review, I hope to spread knowledge about the performance differences between the raptor and my boosted.

yeah… it’s true.

That’s why I cant wait to get you your raptor!.. I am sure a proper video review is what people will really prefer.

I also can’t wait to do some videos on mine, maybe with some nice drone shots.
Just need mine to make the far way to Germany :frowning2: