Enertion Raptor Repair

Hi all. Been a while. I am not looking to bash anyone here. I’m just looking for support and direction. Perhaps you have some insight in helping me resolve this.

A friend owns a Raptor. It developed mechanical problems while under warranty. The reached out in July and processed an RMA. It was approved and they were given an approximate 2 week turn around.

At five weeks they reached out to Enertion support. They were told that restructuring has been hectic and that they were contacting their repair service in California for an update.

At fourteen weeks (October) Enertion says their repair service is not responding to them (Enertion). Enertion then stopped responding to the Raptor owner.

We are now around 20 weeks and no board. No communication from Enertion at all. It appears they are trying to point the finger at their repair service in California.

Again, I’m not trying to bash Enertion here, just want to get some help/direction for a resolution.

Thanks, -T


Well first of you should bash enertion, join the other forum @ forum. And then say fuck you Jason. You won’t get any help from them, you ate wasting your time. Please use the search function and research into enertion threads. They owe thousands of dollars to people. You might have better suggestions thrown at you by other members in the other forum.

Sorry for this inconvenience but enertion shit their pants and we are suffering.

Cheers and hope you get this sorted out

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Enertion is a scam company. Open a claim and do a charge back if your friend can. Jason shouldn’t even be allowed to own this forum. He’s a disgusting piece of shit thief that doesn’t even pay his employees. I really hope the amount he owes customers amounts to some type of jail time. I’ve done less and went to prison. Fuck people like him.

Ah that felt good. Happy Birthday to me. :smiley:


Yeah Merry Christmas to you too :wink: :heart_decoration:


Ok, an update. Can’t get anywhere with Enertion. Their web presence seems to be dwindling. Webpages have been not responding for me. But I did find the name and phone numbers of the repair guy in Daly, California. I’ve left a voicemail. I will be posting information here as I continue tracking this down.

At this point, I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to P*** V*** (repair guy). I’ll ask for info about him on this forum if I get no response.


Actually, I’m also close enough to go after a small claims court reimbursement too.

@Jinra? :sweat:

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If this is the same Tim i spoke to today, I’ll be looking up the parts i have for them when i get home


my raptor 2.05 keeps throtling and im not sure what to do somtimes im going 50kmh and others im going 10kmh

I had to reconfigure everything in vesv tool ( got the flipsky vx2)