Enertion Raptor Third(?) batch Info roundup

Did you get your space cell before your board arrived?

I do not have my battery yet and do not have any info about it i only have the board. @StevieD and @treeme do have their batterys already an have their boards on the way so they should be the first ones which will be able to ride the 3rd batch of raptors. I could post a video of a board i can not ride which would be boring (if i find out how to post a video) but i was not overly impressed by the board at first glance the screws holding the trucks to the deck are corroded a lot of small marks around the battery lid, inside the battery lid it has more of a rough finish and one belt which was totally lose. all in all i do not think i will be any problem but when waiting for a produkt and listening to Jasons tirade about other stuff which is subpar then i would expect fewer mistakes.

Well then maybe @carl.1 or @onloop could say something about this and tell us wether there should be a tracking link for the batteries, or just when they are supposed to arrive/be sent out?

That is unfortunate to hear. When they send these out everything should be tightened and adjusted properly. “Ready to ride” should be just that.

But I think with a board like the raptor you will always have to tinker with it or know how to in order to make it work properly. The board is assembled by his helpers as we have seen in his videos, and they are most probably not expert skateboards builders. The QA not being there isn’t surprising.

I’m not sure what your situation would be. For myself, my battery came through @longhairedboy since at the time, the switch was being changed from a push button to a switch. It did have its own tracking number.

Just some uplifting things I thought I’d share :slight_smile: @Photorph

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That’s great. I saw that thread, looks like they maybe updating the raptor with a better battery in a couple of months. If they do I hope we get the updated battery. I think my order is like 1.5 months ahead of yours.

I’ll continue waiting for shipping notification. If they got a 100 also then mine should be in there! Unless enertion is selling a lot more than we think.

Shit, if its gonna take another 2 months or so to get it I’d rather get the regular one first if it means it’ll ship out faster…the battery life on the current isn’t that bad and it seems like the weight would increase as well if they do.

Judging by how quick the other orders from Feb started making progress once he got the wheels I’d say March (which is when you ordered right?) will be about the same when they get the VESCs. Definitely think yours is in there. I think my batch will be the biggest yet since that’s when more vids started popping up and people started catching on…who knows, but plzzz @onloop you can ship my raptor with the pro3 battery if its quicker/easier :slight_smile: lol

Hi @flatsp0t i got an e-mail from enertion stating that the batterries are send at the same time as the board but due to being lithium batteries the shipping might take a bit more time than the board. it seem that you do not get a trackinging number for the batteries if you do not get them from longhairedboy, it might be caused by the fact that the batteries are beeing send directly from china because of the import troubles of getting them to australia.

thank you very much for your info, i just thought it would be nice to know when it is stuck in Grman customs^^

@flatsp0t i do not know about the batterry but the board was no problem with german custums. a curier brought it to my house and i had to pay 160,50 as i remember in custom fees. but that is no even our 19% sales tax so i guess they simpy splitted the value of the board on two packages

I just paid 118,70 but i dont know what they do with Large Lithium packs I have also a Spot Welder from china stuck in customs for 2 weeks now^^

PS: @HH1 Where in Germany are you from?

It is a mistery what happens in customs! Once they told me that something i ordered was forbidden to import which was clearly not forbidden only because they were not able read, it worked in the end but it took a lot of persuation. I am a bit envious now that you had to pay 40€ less tax money i could have spend on beer :smiley:

I am in the north of germany located Leer that is 20 min from the noth sea and 10 min from the netherlands

Nice, i live at the other end, near stuttgart

but i bought at discounted price

I bought mine also when it was dicounted seems to be a mistery. How do i upload pictures? It is to sad that you live literally at the other end of germany it would have been nice to have someone to ride

Just copy your photo and paste it to the post editor

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Hi. Iam from Germany(located in Essen) too. Nice to know that customs aren’t a big Problem. The question how the space cell is declared was my biggest one. Please let my know how your first impressions of the raptors are (videos welcome).

In the latest vlog Jason commented that by the end of June the raptor build process shouldn’t have any backlog (in case the sale aren’t rocketing.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes. @Photorph (I believe your board will be in route by next month for sure : p)