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Enertion receiver wiring

I found a diagram on how to connect the three wires on the Vesc, but now I don’t know what to hook these to on the receiver chip that came with this. Very frustrating…

Is it something that @carl.1 can assist you with? I’m sure someone on the fourm will swoop in and help

Someone swoop in and save me, please!

I need that also, could someone make a photo ? On the back side of the reciever are 5 welded points are those only for diagnostic or do i need to connect vesc there ?

After the Belgian game in the championship I will make a picture of my receiver.

Is that game over?

He’s still celebrating and partying I guess. :slight_smile:

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Sorry guys, I was celebrating indeed. Give me a small hour…

Edit: Receiver To VESC:

Side View on receiver (Bottom Row connected):

Bottom View on receiver:

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Thank you! But I already figured it out (and blew a drv chip on a brand new enertion vesc) Man, I am sick of this Vesc crap. I have 4 ebikes that I made without a problem, the vesc is a whole different can of worms, I should have just waited a couple years for everything to be plug and play…

so now the one vesc that works will not operate with any weight on the board? I am so sick of this Vesc crap… Can anyone help?

Post details of your setup, how you have the vesc configured and exactly what the symptoms are so we can help.

Well, now because bldc wasnt working, I went back to FOC mode with one of two carvons hooked up. I am at work right now, so I only rode it around for a minute, but it seems to be working. Doesn’t seem to have much torque, and the brakes are not very effective though. I will post some settings later after I have a chance to test it more…