Enertion remote issues, need help

My remote for my raptor dropped out and I can’t get it to work again. I noticed after it dropped out that the light on the right hand of the remote turned from green to yellow. Well I threw it on charger and tried it again and now the light on the right hand side has turned to red.? But I notice that the red light that is on the receiver goes from a slow blinking to a faster blinking when I turn the remote on. So I had another remote that I purchased from enertion and swooped the receiver and remote out and can’t get it to connect or bind. And I know this because the blinking on the receiver stays the same when I turn remote on. So anyway when I purchased the new remote it had no direction on how to get the two to talk. Does anyone have any info or ideas on how to resolve this issue?


Can you try to rebind the remote?


@onloop ?? Hopefully he sees this and can respond with steps or contact you. Did you also email him w/ your contact info?


Thanks for the info. I’ll try it and see what happens


Please direct request to enertion cusotmer support. If your remote doesnt change by the instructions its likely a faulty remote.