Enertion space cell 3

Hey Guys I just got my space cell 3 and out of nowhere its showing 100% and doesnt go down. Anyway to reset this or how can I fix this? The battery was used once to test out on bench. Suggestions?

The button on the back of the screen has likely been held down, it happened to me. If you turn it on and it reads anything other than L10 this has happened. So peel back a bit of the foam and move the first lot of chips out of your way (not too far though) and locate the button. Hold this button down whilst turning on your space cell and it will flash on L3 press the button multiple times until it reads L10 and turn it off. When you turn it back on it will display L10.

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i wish i have an answer so clear and easy to follow like that to all my problems too when i have them

I know the feeling mate :slight_smile:

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