ENERTION Space Cell Charger

Hi @onloop,

Just want to ask, I noticed that the space cell charger has an LED indicator that turn red when charging. When the space cell shows 100%, the charger’s LED is still red. Do I need to wait until it turn green? I might have read that the charger and space cell is a Plug & Forget kinda thing. Correct me if I’m wrong.


You have to wait until it’s green. It still balances and that takes a while.


Ya, the % display always shows a couple percent higher than what is actually in the battery while charging. If it said 90 while charging and you unplugged it, it’d probably drop to around 87 or even lower.

So if you want a full charge, wait for the green light :wink:

Do you guys usually carry chargers with you and what is the typical range you guys get with your various setups with this battery?

I haven’t done a full range test yet, but when I do in the next couple days, I’ll let you know. :wink:

It has to be 10+ miles though going 90% throttle the whole way… keep in mind thought I weigh 140 lbs and am running a single 6355 motor setup; a heavier rider or dual motors could give you totally different ranges.


Is it bad for the cells if you unplug before the green light?

Stopping charge before the battery is 100% charged is perfectly fine. In fact only charging to 80 or 90% capacity increases life span of the battery.


Thanks for that info @onloop. On the fast charger that i got with it. Can it charge on the higher voltage setting? There is 110 and 220v options.

It depends what country you are in. In australia our power outlets are 240v. What voltage are your power points?

Gotcha. Thanks i think they are 120

Mine doesn’t seem to do anything, the red led stays on and the battery doesn’t move after 30 minutes and the fan doesn’t spin. It’s on 220V as I’m in the UK (for some reason arrived having been set to 110V, as it comes from Germany, odd!) and I’ve replace the fuse with no joy. I’ve mailed support, but they are inherently shit at replying within a resemble time frame. Any suggestions? I’m thinking its stuffed and may have to return it.

Adam from support replied to my ticket and has shipped me a new fast charger! He all so sent me a handle for the board so very happy… Nice to see they care. Nice work guys!