Enertion Space Cell Elite Flex

Quick question. I have seen the insides of what I believe is the older Enertion Space cell. Is the Elite used in the Raptor 2 built any differently? Does it have the plastic cell holders? Bonus question, I’m thinking of purchasing one now that they are on special, does anyone think it can handle the flex of a Gen 2 Evolve carbon board? These decks are pretty stiff, but I don’t know if they are stiff enough to not damage this battery.

You should be fine…

I don’t remember any flex when I tested one during a groupride :slight_smile:

You don’t remember flex of the carbon gen 2? They definitely flex, I would guess 5-10mm in the center and I’m only 70kg.

They don’t flex by design

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That’s what I thought…

Thanks @onloop I was guessing that was the case, though everything flexes some degree. For instance I would say the carbon gen 2 deck doesn’t flex, it is stiff but by that I mean that it only deflects 5-10mm. How much do the raptor 2 decks flex when you stand on them with both feet on the centre. Is it 1mm or 5mm? I have one ordered but have never stood on one.