Enertion Space Cell Pro3 | Enertion VESC | Turnigy SK3 213kv | Abec 83mm Flywheels | Caliber 2 Trucks | Enertion 9mm Pulley Kit | Enertion Motor Mount

Bought all of these parts then realized I definitely need the money for more pressing matters. All prices below include shipping. Shipping to USA only

Enertion Space Cell Pro3 - I have yet to recieve this from Enertion. Hopefully will be arriving soon. $325 (SOLD)

Enertion VESC - Unopened - $90 (SOLD) Turnigy SK3 213kv - Brand new - $60 (SOLD)

ABEC 83mm Flywheels - Less than 4 hours ride time - Will include Red Bones Bearings - $50 + $5 Caliber 2 50 Trucks - Less than 4 hours ride time - $40

Enertion 9mm Pulley Kit - Brand New - $35 (SOLD) Enertion Motor Mount - Brand New - $55 (SOLD)

PM me for any details you need.

ugh if only it was the 12mm pulley kit :frowning:

Shipping to USA I guess? :confused:

Yes you are correct

I’ll take the Enertion motor mount

Okay you were the first to request. Just PM me so we can hammer out some details

Im interest in the space cell. when did you order the space cell?

Someone actually already contacted me about it. If the sale falls through you will the first to know

Did you need to cut the caliber trucks to fit the motor mount?

How much if I take the VESC, ABEC and Caliber 2’s?

Also how does the combo of green orange and red look for the trunks and wheels?

I never actually got to mount the motor. Just got in all the mechanics and then had to bail on the build

I actually just sold the VESC. Color combo doesnt look great but its pretty subjective. PM me if you still want the ABECs and Calibers though.

Ok I am pming you now

Anything still available? If so, what?


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Im interested in the bearings and just one caliber trucks if they are still available

This listing is from 2016


haha I am LOLing