Enertion SpaceCell BMS

My BMS fried on my space cell and looking to see if anyone has a crapped out spacecell they would want to part with the BMS.

Let me know guys!

Just buy a 60A 10S BMS and you’ll be fine.

The room in the encolsure is the issue. This is why I am trying to source an Enertion BMS first.

the Enertion BMS was HUGE for a whle.

Post a pic and i’ll see if i might have an old spare one laying around. I’m pretty sure i shipped them all to the new warranty repair guy though.

Ok I will post one up in a little. Thanks for checking for me

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It’s the 2 layer sandwich BMS with the charge mosfets below and discharge uptop.

oh THAT one… hmmm… i’ll look tonight but i don’t think i have one.

Nooo lol… Do you have any sound advice what 10s BMS might work the best to replace this one if I can’t find another one?

literally any 10S 40amp BMS will work. You could even use a 50 amp or 60 amp. The only constraint is the size, so take measuremnts, and if you want to keep using the pushbutton make sure the BMS you get has either a solder pad for a switch or a temp sensor that you can interrupt with a switch.

Yeah that’s the issue is the size, I have things nicely no laid out but there is little room. I will keep my fingers crossed that you have one that fell in the cracks of your couch or something.

Thanks LHB

@caustin thanks for the pic

oh that’s not even a raptor cell, that’s a new space cell.

never mind. they use a charging board and an LVC eswitch, two different pieces. I don’t have any of that.

Alright thanks for getting back to me. So I guess a 10s bms would suffice, I just need to find a small one

Yea, just opened on old raptor battery, one of the first ones. Bms is also done, and switch. For some reason I thought they were 25r cells.

And yes that BMS is huuge lol.

THAT one i have. ITs burned up though, i want to try and reflow it when i get my toaster oven working.

Well, i am taking usual bestech, anything will fit in there anyway lol :wink: