Enertion VESC missing some parts?

So my enertion vesc finnaly shipped today. I was soo happy lmao, but then after a while I was like “hmm, how to i connect my receiver ?”.

So I searched this forum for some other Enertion VESCs, those all had white JST plugs,… mine doesn’t …

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Enertion VESC from their site:

mine came in black, non-seethrough shrink tube and three 50V capacitors. Seems like the specs are all over the place and several different versions floating around.


Wouldnt relie on those shots. Enertion is continually fine tuning and ajusting the vesc with his manufacturer.

You are not wrong.

Could someone from @carl.1 / @onloop look into this ?

PS. I don’t want to send this back and wait another month or so, also shipping costs me 37euro each time due to import duties :confused: .

Kind regards !

What should they look into? You actually want those jst plugs? just solder your three receiver cables to the VESC! Soldering is recommended anyway as it is much more reliable under the heavy vibrations we face.


yep, definitely some parts missing…my American manufacturing pals are obviously human and forget shit sometimes… none of the missing connectors will prevent the vesc from working.

Here are your options.

  1. Do nothing & solder your wires directly, always a good idea for longevity. FREE & QUICK
  2. Buy the parts locally and ill credit you.
  3. Send it back to the factory & get them installed, could take 10-14 days, maybe more.
  4. Send it back to Australia, i’ll order the parts locally & solder them for you. could take 14-20 days.

Nah all is fine, I prefer to solder them on directly. Just hope this info was of use to you.

@ikjahaa I have to agree w @Maxid; solder the connections directly. They’ll be more reliable and you won’t have to deal with shipping.

Solder the signal wires to the board. Thats 100 times better than a connector!

anyone know how to power the receiver ?

Look at the silkscreen on the pcb. There may be a marking where 5v is and where gnd is. Should be where your receiver connection is.

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