Enertion Wooden Mono drive Raptor

Pretty much a raptor 1 mono drive R-spec 63x74mm motor. Vesc X Nano X S.P.A.C.E cell pro 3 12mm Mono drive mech. kit. Jet - Black Death 8 ply maple, its a very stiff deck. Custom blue/gold grip tape design I’ve put her through hell and she works beautifully. My roads aren’t smooth at all so the power wheels have some chips in the side. Accident : 1 Forgot to locktight motor mount, motor fell off at 45 km/h and dragged on the floor till I stopped. accident : 2 tried the same gearing ratio with 107mm offroad wheels, a total of 20 mm of wheel touching the road at 70Km/h resulted in a broken helmet and no skin on my arms. accident : 3 took a corner at 45 km/h, the sprinklers had watered the road and I went through lovely lady Donna’s fence. accident : 4, locked skateboard up outside at school, it rained heavily. Despite all of that its still working perfectly, I’m alive because helmet. I seriously doubt it would still work perfectly if I used hobby grade components. Enertion is quality I’m not sure why the photos are upside down, ohwell.


Very nice project, I like your black wheels. See if you can change the position of some of the photos. Show us some videos of you riding also. :slight_smile:

thanks mate, Ill try recording on the way to work tomorrow, I don’t have enough teeth on the black wheels sprocket yet so it doesn’t have enough torque for offroading, ill hold me ipad the right way up for photos next time

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Where did you get those other wheels and does it fit good on the enertion mono kit? I have the monokit as well but I get a lot of vibrations while riding, even some electronics are dead because of it. I am searching for offroad wheels and yours seems good since it also fits the kit.

should’ve said accident 5 : upside down pictures.

I just sold my mono drive, despite how much I loved it. I needed to part with it for the next build. really awesome motor

I can’t find the exact same wheels but there’s ones will do, I drilled holes in the drive wheel for one of enertions old aluminium 36tooth pulleys, it runs good but it doesn’t have the torque for off-roading sadly, need a bigger drive pulley


Yeah :joy: I think I might think about selling mine for my final build too actually, it’ll take a chunk out of the total price