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How to Install your motor pulley onto the Enertion R-SPEC electric skateboard motors.

When building your own electric skateboards one of the challenges you will face is trying to securely install the motor pulley onto the motor shaft. Due to high torque loads & Vibration the motor pulley tends to eventually start to move and loosen unless you have a strong mechanical fitment. 

If you have a budget motor from the hobby store you will generally need expensive tools such as a grinder, broaching set or milling equipment such as a drill press or lathe to modify the shaft by creating a keyway slot or a flat spot to mechanically hold the pulley in place using a set screw. You generally will also need some red thread locker to make sure it doesn't shift. It is possible to get a strong installation using these methods, however unless your mods are super precise you generally can't get the pulley off without damaging the pulley, shaft and sometimes the motor itself.

With the Enertion R-SPEC motors we have done all the hard work for you. The motors shaft come with precision milled keyway and circlips. The keyway & Key prevent rotation around the shaft and the circlips prevent the pulley moving out of alignment.


The Enertion Electric Skateboard Motor Pulleys are supplied with a key, for the keyway slot & an M4 set screw. You could actually install the motor pulley without the set screw and it can't move. However in order to prevent rattle & vibration we suggest putting in the set screw also. You can use Blue Thread locker on the set screw to prevent it from loosening. 

Follow these steps to get the perfect installation of your motor pulley.

NOTE: Install the motor onto the motor mounting plate before you install your pulley. 

Once the motor is installed onto the motor mounting plate you can install the first circlip, this first circlip prevents the pulley from sliding towards the motor plate. Now put the key into the keyway slot. You can now slide the pulley onto the shaft.

<img src='/uploads/db1493/original/1X/ea450e1140dca94eba326050b7c011ab02facbfd.jpg'

Once you have the pulley on the shaft place the 2nd circlip onto the shaft. Notice the way I have the pulley installed, the thick part of the pulley where the set screw is located should be facing outwards, furthest from the motor, this way the drive belt is right next to the motor plate making for a better installation and putting less leverage onto the motor bearings. Also if you have Dual Rear Drive configuration this way will give you additional clearance as space is limited. 

NOTE: Using the Enertion R-SPEC 6355 Brushless DC Outrunner Electric Skateboard Motor on the 184mm wide enertion truck hanger allows two R-SPEC motors to fit perfectly with about 10mm clearance. This is the biggest motor you can fit in the Dual Rear Drive Configuration without using additional spacers to widen the wheel base.

<img src='/uploads/db1493/original/1X/7b2db14176597d3c6d16d68405d5df71c3c8ad7d.jpg'

It's now time to install the set screw. Mechanically this is not doing much, the key & keyway slot take the torque load and prevent the pulley from rotating. However we recommend installing the set screw to get the perfect rattle free installation. Use Blue Thread lock so that you can easily remove the pulley when you want to modify performance by selecting a different sized pulley. We offer Pulley Performance Kits So you can fully customize your speed & torque in a matter of minutes.

<img src='/uploads/db1493/original/1X/12dbfa04c93247a95d6108b223dd669df43f96e1.jpg'

<img src='/uploads/db1493/original/1X/bbfc48aee5b8293b2706538aed75fa576ad098de.jpg'

Using Enertion R-SPEC Electric Skateboard motors makes building your own electric skateboard quick & easy. You don't have to have any expensive milling machines or experience to build a powerful & reliable electric skateboard at home.

With R-SPEC Electric Skateboard Motors & The Enertion Pulley Performance Kit you can have complete control over the performance of your rig. If you want more torque for hill climbing or carrying heavy loads go with the 13 tooth motor pulley, It you want to race cars down the street go with 15 tooth motor pulley. We use the 14 tooth pulley as the default size.