ES8 Battery Build Canada

Wondering if anyone has an suggestions no battery builders that are available to us here is canada. This is the only remaining part and I dont really have too much time to build it myself. I have talked to longhaired and he mentioned he wont have the best price so hoping for something reasonable.

Good point Ovi, I am in Brampton and commute to Toronto weekly

@killahbee All depending where in Canada you live, maybe @Arch and @pat_arch can help you out ?

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Unless you have volume, it’s not worth it for our suppliers to do one-offs. Your best bet is to get a battery made by someone on the forum. You won’t get cheaper than here. And if you did, I’d be scared of the quality and probably wouldn’t risk even riding the board… A well made battery is of crucial importance. One fire is enough for legislation to ban esk8 altogether. Don’t cheap out on the batterypack.


Thanks Arch, do you have any suggestions? I am in the GTA

Not sure, poke around in the posts, the battery builders are pretty vocal around here, you’ll find out easily who makes some. @barajabali is one

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@killahbee Do you have a connection in the US that I can ship to?

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I was actually just looking at your stuff. Let me see if I can figure something out.

Sure thing

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@pkasanda I don’t know Canada geography but are you near Toronto? Asking because you have a US mailing address and might be of assistance in this US to Canada battery shipping issue

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Yeah not too far, I also regularly commute to toronto during the week.

I was asking Paul. I forgot where in Canada he lives.

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I’m located in Edmonton AB and in the process here of building some batteries for 2 for myself and 1 for a guy I met on reddit lol.

I’m not quite up and running still waiting on nickel heatshrink and tape I ordered back in March :frowning: but we should be able to work something out that’d probably be cheaper than importing an entire pack from the US, however it would most likel y take a bit longer as well.

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gonna revive this thread in hopes on finding someone who can potentially (voltage joke lol) build me a battery.i too am located near toronto

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dont have the equipment and dont have the time to wait for a spotwelder from china, and no money to buy a decent one that is on this continent…maaaaaybe looking into that arduino welder

Hummmmmmmm… I might look further into it… My commitment is to school too… Only home for the summer, not sure if time will allow this investment to be worth it right now

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I built a spot welder with bits from Canadian tire and a 12v car battery. Cost me like $40 if you already have the battery. Seems to have done an ok job…IMG_20180629_094155


Looks good to me! Any shots of the welder itself?

Maybe we can arrange a battery group buy?

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Yeah I’d be up for a group buy.

I don’t have it set up atm but I’ll get one when I use it again. It is pretty simple however. If you have the electrical knowledge to build an Esk8 battery you’ll be able to figure out how to set up a 12v relay with a momentary switch (I used an automotive horn button). Good luck :slight_smile: