ESC and BMS instead of VESC

Hello guys, I was doing project on E-skateboard. For me VESC is too expensive as I am trying to make affordable Board. battery type - lithium ion maximum current which can be drawn is 60A . An ESC does not have current limiter, they just draw the current as per the requirement which can be dangerous for the electronics components. What if I use BMS to limit the current to 60A and use normal ESC?? Or please suggest me any other way to replace that expensive VESC??

Many bms will just shut down if you draw too much current through them…

that could be dangerous…

You are better off having an esc that is in control of things. That is kind of why vesc became popular.

what’s your budget on ESCs? Our shop has 50A-300A VESC based controllers on sale now. Recommend to check:

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Does BMS limit the maximum current or just cut off the supply??? OR the BMS are of different types???

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