ESC Antenna end; Unused sockets?

I got a 6s single belted motor ESC today. When I opened the package, the little black tape looking thingy fell out. It looks like it was soldered onto the end of the black thin wire. I assume the wire is antenna related. What’s the black tape? Do I need it? I am weeks away from firing it up, I guess I could just try without and if I need more range, solder it back on.

Also, I have 3 unused white sockets on the board. What could they be used for?

Lastly, where would a full time voltmeter (amperage, battery level, etc) plug into, if I got one?


You don’t need the end of the antenna but it has a copper film that improves reception and an adhesive so you can stick it to the enclosure in a good spot, a dot of solder will fix it

of the three unused ports, the one by the phase wires is for the motor sensors (5 pin 1.5mm jst connector), the small one on the top I believe is for a little battery indicator (it has 4 little bars and a ceramic foam body, same as the Meepo enclosure), the last one I’m not sure of but its probably some data port for a dual setup or programming (I wouldn’t touch it if I were you)

If you want a separate volt meter then you need to solder it to be parallel to the mains power

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