ESC for 800W Motor

Looking for a solid esc for a brushed 800w motor, thanks in advance!

What voltage is the battery charger?

@b264 36V battery

If the charger is 42V then a single (not dual motor) VESC rated at 60V will drive it. One of the many 60V ones on the market.

If it’s actually a 36V battery (likely lead-acid) with a 36V charger, and that’s not just ebike jive, then a Mamba XLX2 will work well, but be expensive.

You have to be careful because sometimes “36V” is a voltage measurement, and sometimes it’s simply a name.

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Thanks! It is a 42V rated charger - could you recommend a couple that are on the market?

I have a high-performance brushless motor high-power dual-drive controller based on ODrive. Does anyone need it?