ESC or VESC do I need a VESC?

Hello, I’ve head so much good about VESC. But I can not see myself programming the speed algorithm myself. Is it not fine just to buy a cheaper ESC if I’m not going to use all the VESC possibilitys.

I’ve read other topics about ESC vs VESC but does not seem to awenser my question.

Thank you

You can follow simple guidelines layed out by others…

I think the biggest problem would be not running too high voltage (stay with 10s)… and not choose high Kv motor (also stay around 200kv/better below, if possible)

There should be some youtube videos configuring the vescs…

Im pretty sure others will come and cheer you up lol, if you can afford and dont plan to go offroad or something with it, you should be very thankful you got vesc… brakes are also way better, throttle control / response a lot smoother compared to car escs…

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I do have a couple of vescs running on different boards. Now you make me feel like a rocket scientist if i tell someone I “programmed the speed algorithm” on them :smiley:

Vesc is really just doing a bit of reading and watching youpo…youtube videos :wink:

Also keep in mind that in the next few weeks a new firmware is going to be released that will make vesc programming as easy as playing tetris (insert an easy game for you here).

If you wanna run 6s and go cheap, get an RC ESC, otherwise the vesc will be your better, new best buddy :wink:


Configuring the vesc is a few step process you set the max and min for the battery, and motor then you run calibration on the motor (hit a button while the motor is disconnected from any belts or pulleys) and then setup your receiver/controller input. Once you have it configured you don’t really have to change anything but if you decide to change battery configuration to squeeze more efficiency out of things or get more power you don’t have to upgrade your esc can just upgrade your batteries. The Regen braking which is enabled during control configuration by selecting a radio button and voltage cut off configuration alone make it well worth it, but can also gather telemetry data or go with a dual motor setup in the future.

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At first thought that vesc is very hard to program because here isn’t any SUPER EASY AND SIMPLE instructions how to do that and what values to set up. But then i just tried and copied some settings from similar builds and found good for me. That took 2 days and now i haven’t changed anything in months after that.

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hey anyone remember off hand formula for batttery max min?

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