Esc’s stopped working

Hey guys, I was riding my board when all of a sudden my board just stopped dead in it’s tracks as if it hit a wall. I realized that the esc’s lost power and were not turning back on. Is there any way I can diagnose this and figure out what’s wrong or even fix it myself? Please help! And they are maytech 50A super ECS’s connected through canbus if that matters.

What is your battery at?

Battery is at 34.4v it is a 10s5p made from Samsung 22p cells

Can you try and connect to each ESC individually? Remote charged? Hook it up to the computer. Cutoff voltages?

Post your settings and take a picture of your vesc

I will have to try to connect it tonight, but I feel like it won’t connect at all since no lights turn on, but I’m also just assuming right now