Esc shutdown when almost going full throttle

Hello I got a FSESC 4.12 with a pertty small motor. When i go close to full throttle the esc shuts down and only one led is barely on. It looks like it’s blinking but that’s just the camera. Is this because the battery can’t deliver enough current? It just makes a weird sound because the belt is not flexible enough. video:

What battery are you using?

I made 2 4s batteries with some lithium-ion cells but idk the c rating

Is it successful and show some data after do the motor FOC setup? It’s appreciated if you can provide the video of parameters setup process. You can also send the e-mail to our service e-mail: [email protected]. Thanks

it doesn’t show anything after the motor foc setup about the battery. I’m using the old vesc tool, version 1.11 because i’m unable to update the firmware of my esc. I think i fixed it, the batteries had some small pcbs with very small wires and i removed those and now it seems to not shutdown

I’d upgrade those batteries for sure

i just got them

i’ll ask the seller for c rating and max discharge current