Esc/vesc just tell me which, cant decide, meepo upgrade!


Ive read tons of material and am no closer to making a correct decision…so lets lay it out…i have a meepo and using what i can to progress forward…

they said they thought the stock esc could handle a 10s3p battery but beyond that is questionable… Im trying to go at least 10s4p maybe 6p at some point. (lith-ion)

at any rate later on I may grow and swap in belt drive motors, or hubs with more watts and all that jazz, but right now the top priorities are affordable/cheap esc/vesc and reliable… as in no fires or board on melt down…

what I like or want to retain: use same remote i have regen braking is nice, over charge protection as well if possible auto on feature meepo has is nice but can sacrifice it

tell me what to do people… please =)

with your upgrade at the end of the day, all you’re going to have that’s original are the hubs. You might as well go full diy.

we’re in process, im on a budget like everyone else…

first stop already done… 2 new battery backs… next stop is esc/vesc…and here we are =P

I was feeling those AT tires from diyeboard… so maybe that… but even a new deck could come first as meepo deck isnt my fav, but gets the job done for now

I run my meepo on 10s4p just fine. They sell a 10s5p pack with these motors and esc and it works just fine. I just run the extra battery I got with my meepo in parallel with my original then attach that to the esc. Works just fine.

good info… i asked kieran what the esc could handle and 10s3p was his reply… i got a couple cheap 10s packs on ebay that some other people here said werent a bad deal, but didnt wanna parallel em and fry the esc based on his response… i would love to 6p everything… but 2 packs from ebay and 1 pack with the meepo sounds like a bad combo from what i read… unless they were all the same batteries which i doubt they are…

you can run as many p as you want you’re only limited by space and weight

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yeah but the more in parallel the more amps right? so if i got to 6p and the esc could only handle 50amp continuous wouldnt it fry?

the more in parallel the more available amps. The esc manages the amps it pulls.

mhmmmmm…thats whats left out in all the articles i been reading… will these extra available amps have any impact on voltage sag?? (im feeling a no coming on but would like to be wrong)

yep the more available amps the less sag

Keep your Meepo as-is. Or maybe with a deck swap only. Build a second DIY board.


im going for range first =)

then AT tires would be nice, not because i wanna off road but the occasional streets of nyc can be unforgiving…and winter is upon us…

and thennnnn… power!!!

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Exactly, your meepo will be the perfect backup board if your main one is out of commission or charging or not finished building yet

ok…so i think im going 10s8p… is that overkill? i cant handle this 10s2p shit lasting 90min while i mob around nyc making deliveries…and having fun… new build my friends… i got a new deck coming… and got 4 - 10s2p batteries in hand for a e bike build but trying to go for a swappable battery that fits both the bike and board… then try and mold a new cover from kyrex… saving everything meepo except the deck…hopefully no issues from the esc

that’s pretty overkill, how much range are you looking for? You’ll be hard pressed to fit 80 cells on your board and the weight will be hard to manage.

well if i use 4 10s2p packs in parallel… and do (basically) 10 cells wide and 4 in length… 2 high thats about 8" x 12" without a case… the new deck is 9.5" wide so plenty of space… i think each pack weighs about 2# so thats an additional 6# over stock… bringing the board from around 15 to 23 plus change…

10s4p is a good target. I wouldn’t do 10s8p though.

although winter is up on us and will cramp some of my style… id say doing deliveries im getting something like 6-9mi per charge on the meepo… i think nothing less than a 6 is acceptable for business and pleasure in one day… maybe ill mold the case for 8p but start with 6 and see what happens =)

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I’m doing 10s8p purely as a joke, it might be ridden for 1 charge. You need a mountainboard size deck and setup to have any benefit of a 10s8p pack. Dual Diag 170Kv

This board(mid-rebuild) gets ridden daily with an identical 10s8p

yeah right now im all spent, but next would be to move toward an AT set up later… nothing hard core but the 6" tires looks nice and could handle some manhattan bs…