ESC w/ 250A & 250'000 RPM's

While looking through some pages i found a nice ESC that maybe suits some builds of members here… calling @MoeStooge for the next generation raceboard haha

It is called the MGM ESC TMM 25063-3 X2–SERIES | 360A |

  • Max. peak current (5 Sek.): 360 A
  • Max. continuous current (for full throttle): 250 A
  • Operating voltage: 12 - 63 V
  • Weight without power conductors: 300g
  • Servocable cross-section: 0,25qmm
  • Length of the servocable: 190mm
  • Max RPMs: 250.000
  • Number of regulation steps: 2048
  • Motor PWM frequency: 8 - 32 kHz
  • On-state switch (FETs) resistance at 25 °C: 2 × 0.8 mW
  • Available BEC / OPTO versions: Opto

Still, don’t know about brakes or anything… maybe someone with a lot of moniez test one

Found some more informations:

  • Empty batt. behaviour - instant motor cut-off
  • Setting of the range of neutral zone
  • Possibility of switching reversible controller into “one-way” mode
  • Reversible controller (both-way mode)
  • Bidirectional “both-way” mode
  • ACL - Automatic Current Limiting
  • ACR - Automatic Current Reduce
  • Temperature fuse of the controller
  • Current fuse of the controller
  • False-start protection
  • Masking of interference
  • Software reversal of rotation
  • Empty batt. behaviour - motor power reduction
  • Adjustable deceleration speed
  • Adjustable acceleration speed
  • External signalization of important states
  • Possibility of connecting plane position lights and flashing lights
  • Active free-wheeling circuit ON / OFF
  • Possibility of automatic setting of throttle limits
  • Possibility of manually set timing
  • Automatically set timing
  • Manually set type of cells
  • Possibility of manually set number of cells
  • Possibility of automatic setting of cut off voltage
  • Possibility of setting switching off voltage
  • Possibility of setting current limits
  • Possibility of setting RPM limits
  • Possibility of motor temperature measuring
  • Possibility of cells temperature measuring
  • Very high resistance against overloading
  • Plug and Play (functional immediately without the need for additional programming)
  • ICS-2 connector - super-fast PC connection link
  • Programming using PC
  • Reading-out of data from the controller using PC
  • Software updates available through internet
  • Telemetry (back data transfer)
  • Real time monitoring with pc or other device (for pro series only)
  • Internal Data Logger (data recorder)
  • Possibility of design with ON/OFF switch (connected safely)
  • Possibility of WR version (full protection against water)
  • Possibility of WP version (increased protection against water)
  • Possibility of design with external heatsinks + FAN
  • Possibility of design with water-cooled heatsinks
  • Possibility of design with external heatsinks
  • Compatible with all types of feeding cells

Yeah that thing looks sexy…

mgm looks great, I have a mate who has a pair… throttled from the factory though… castle beats mgm :checkered_flag:

none of the rc high speed pass records are on mgm? I don’t get

Lots of monies. U said it right.

looks murderous… jeez in running 12s dual vesc6 w 6kw 80mm… its plenty scary and will either do a burnout, or accelerate your face into the pavement if you floor it from a stop…

couldn’t imagine putting another 50 or 100A each into the motors… instant enlightenment?

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This sounds nice :slight_smile: