Esc wanted 120a

Is there anyone in uk or eu that is upgrading from a torqueboard 120a esc to vesc that’s willing to part with the esc.

Already seen yours just wanted to see if any used ones cheaper first.

What prices were you looking at

Not sure really why can you do better ?

Yeah i can but i havent ordered them in yet so you will need to wait

No rush as I’m just looking to upgrade my goolrc esc as only 80a and I hit the soft limit on that so just want higher for more reliability.

How much are you looking to spend i can only order small quantities at the moment anyway

What ever the best price you can do.

£75 inc shipping

Yea that’s a good price of i don’t find any cheaper by time you get them would be interested.

OK cool :smiley:

I will hopefully get them shipped from China on monday

Still on the look out for. 120a esc if anyone has anything laying around.