Esc won't turn on

I just received my 10s2p battery in the mail today and plugged it into my esc to test it for the first time. When I plugged it in and pressed the power button it wouldn’t turn on. I don’t know if it’s the battery or the esc because when I plug something else into the battery like a battery indicator it works perfectly fine 20190318_174629

are you sure the the battery and esc make full contact and that the esc is suitable for 10s? also did you plug In the balance wires to your Bms (this happened to be a problem for me lol) what esc are you running? Perhaps try to connect the motors

Would be great to know what esc you’re refering too. Hold on let me grab my crystal ball.


I’m using this esc and I made sure that it was making full contact.

You probably blew up the esc. Those esc are very cheap. So when you power it on you don’t get any lights flash?

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Nope absolutely nothing happens

I would check the battery with a multimeter just to verify it is charged up and if so you probably blew the esc.

Its a DOA.esc Happens from time to time even with the more expensive versions. Time to brave chinese customer service. Good luck.

Let’s check the battery out put first. Is the esc for hub motor or regular out runner motor?

Yeah I let it charge and it charges up to 42v. So it could charge perfectly fine. I bought the hub motor version of the esc and I’m using hub motors

An esc doesn’t have a hub version or belt drive version. If you checked the battery with a multimeter and it shows it is charged then you blew your esc by powering it on. I suggest you get some maytech vescs.

It says in line 1 of the description to disconnect the pins for 10s, did you do that? Get two Flipsky esc 4.12, there is no reason for the one you already bought any more.

Yeah when I bought the esc it was already set to 10s. I checked it and both points are disconnected. I’m really not trying to buy another esc because I don’t have much money left to spend on this project

There is a slight chance that you have a faulty switch.

If it charges up to 42v does it mean that it’s outputting 42v too or is it constantly outputting 36v no matter the battery capacity? If it outputs 42v I think that might have been what messed up the esc

The el-cheapo china ESCs do, because there are no settings or motor detection. They are set up for a certain kv range.



Not if it’s a 10S ESC that isn’t broken. Anything rated for 10S should be rated for 60V