ESCALATE ||| a VESC 6 derivative

Hi guys, this winter I had some free time so I decided to start learning about electronics, even though what I am studying (mechanical engineering) doesn’t formally require it.

I thought that starting with something interesting would help me learn faster; so I downloaded altium and I slowly built libraries, schematics and pcb layout of VESC 6.4 .

The whole process, expecially the library production, took quite some time to accomplish; for this reason I thought it would be nice to share my work with the experienced guys, which don’t need to learn the basics.

Open hardware but… To respect Ben Vedder decision about not sharing the gerbers -with the goal of keeping the project in the hands of experienced guys to avoid poor quality vescs- these are the conditions to get the files :

  1. you have electronics experience and have some open-source contribution records
  2. if you plan to sell the hardware you agree to donate a fixed % to Vedder

The documentation that I will share includes everything: gerbers, schematics, libraries, pcb source files and enclosure 3d model (in the works…).

Example of people who can ask for the files are : @jtag , @solidgeek , @Ackmaniac


About the name: if the name doesn’t sound good in english, please PM me a better one!

About the hardware:

  1. as you can see the tallest components have been routed as far as possible from the fets; the reason is to keep more mass close to the mosfets

  2. connectors are still JST PH 2.0, just a surface mount type. I used the industry standard 1.5mm pitch for the SENSOR connector, so no more adapters are needed; the PPM connector has been substituited with a more convenient solder pad (so the wire can be presoldered at the fab)

  3. dimensions are 61.5 x 59.1 mm

  4. since directfets seem always out of stock, I will make a second version of this pcb with 4 ntmfs5c604 per gate providing about half of the 2 directfet RDSon

  5. a fancy ic-based anti-spark switch is being developed and will be opensource without restrictions. It will include some features like e-fuse, transitient voltage suppression, overvoltage and overcurrent protection


Holy sh* it looks SO good :blush:!

Did you build one already ?!?!?! And what a honor ^^!


I would also like to know if this has been built and confirmed working :slight_smile:

This week I am ordering the pcbs, but the exam session has started and there isn’t much time to work on hobby stuff…

Your appreciation means a lot , thanks! This is the first pcb I ever made so I had many doubts while designing; many have been solved looking at your bms design: the power of opensource.

Give me a couple days to clean the schematics from my notes in italian and will send you the files.

Well done, it looks amazing :+1: !!! I am dazzled by how you have mastered Altium Designer in less than a year, making something as complex as a VESC 6 while also studying. Thanks for your mention of me, I am glad you like my work!

If you find any difficulties/issues testing the prototypes I would be happy to help (and I would love to fabricate one myself) :crazy_face:


This is amazing job man

I wish I can building my

This is really cool

I thought Trampa had an exclusive patent on squares :joy:


PMed you about the layout :slight_smile:

Learning electronics by building your own VESC 6 is kind of a challenge ! Congrats !! I’m in the same process, but can’t find time (ATM I learned C code to but a custom FW. Step by step :slight_smile: ).


Nice work @fedestanco, I have some of stewii’s pcbs to populate already or I would be jumping in on it.

Since I enjoy disruption in general, it would be rich irony to use the name -



Ps. CAPs normally close to each other for hot glue and vibration breaking avoidance?

(I like your ESC naming)


Very nice! I’m totally down for a directfet or SO-FL-8 pcb once you have one assembled and running.

Looks cool Bro? well done congrats :+1:

While I am not after any files or plan on building a ESC of my own… generation 4.xx VESC all files were released. I think it was a strategic move by Vedder (who has done the community some amazing work, albeit opensource so with the help of others) & Co to slow things down on this release so they could build their TM and make sales un-apposed. & while I applaud your sentiment of returning some profits to Vedder acting like a gate keapper and refusing to share anything unless there is payment kind of goes against something being open source… it is more open commerce. We really are at the beginning of this HW.6X journey. From a advanced development perspective for the real development to happen the cash cow that is the VESC 6 needs to be killed. As long as there is such price disparity products will only compete on price. Once some of that margin is taken away (like back to the price Trampa sell a VESC 6 with a complete) then the real innovation from people like your self will happen bro. HW.6X will then begin competing for features, or lack of features so that the product suits the market.

This is the basic premise of innovation and disruption. While you have learnt some mad skills quickly you are now stalling to tread water where you could be contributing to a incremental evolution of the product or better still disrupting the market and changing the game.

All that said I think downloading bldc tool from Vedder and donating for it is a great idea and of course you should follow all requirements for the opensource hardware software as laid down in the GPL.


As Jaxxy mentioned the two big caps will break their own legs from their weight/vibration in use, i’d silicone them in place in the enclosure with a neutral cure silicone (hot glue can work, but it also gets soft when it gets hot). You could make a mold and insert a couple of pre-molded silicone pads so they can be removed for service, but not really required.

Anyway good luck again dude, knock a couple of those badboys out and give them to a beast in the community and see if they hold up as good as a VESC.6


@linsus @solidgeek please pm me your email adress.

Nothing to jump on yet :slight_smile: it’s still in testing stage. ESCapate is cool but a bit too sillar to stewii’s.

let’s call this open commerce then.

natural cure silicon is too slow. Never heard of hot glue on focbox melting so it remains the best option yet. Maybe a memory foam support underneath could also help.

And that’s why it’s ironic, the whole TM thing about naming conventions and avoiding similar product names [quote=“fedestanco, post:16, topic:57947”] ESCapate is cool but a bit too sillar to stewii’s. [/quote]

Electrical and computer engineer here.

Liking what I am seeing, great work!

If you are in need of some testing and debugging, I can definitely be a resource for you. I’ve been working with these VESCs for about a year now and I am familiar with the designs. Shoot me a PM if you need a professional tester.

Looking forward to this development. Cheers!

FOCBOX use silicone :wink:


Pablo ESCobar? :rofl::rofl: