Escape Part Out

It pains me to do this. But life took all my free time. Not to mention weddings/engagements and honeymoons costing s Fortune.

@stewii and @bimmer built these,

Selling all my escape pcbs and enclosures. Some are ESCape , some are @Bummer rebrand. The first few people can have some components Not everything I have is in this picture. I’ve got more components and pcbs at the office as well as a STENCIL

Prices include shipping to USA

I can also send you an updated BOM so you can order all components (everything is in stock and confirmed, this alone took hours to solve) for about $60 from Mouser

WHOLESALE: Selling the whole lot for $200 obo.



Single Enclosure $30 (3)

Dual Enclosure $50 (2)

PCBS $10 (9)

Components 2.5 pcbs worth $60 takes the lot

Stencil $50


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I vouch for the ESCape, the best vesc I did try. @bevilacqua, escape bom available !!! Buena suerte!!


Dual enclosure to australia please! Will PM now :ok_hand:

Sorry everything is gone.

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