ESCape professional pcb assembly

make payment by monday dude…

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy: I literally get an ‘allowance’ to play with. That’s what my wife and i ‘agreed upon’. Probs a good thing, can still afford to feed my family because of it. If i want in on this GB, I’d have to sell a couple of foc boxes. Still not sure if i should do that. Tempted though… What do you guys think? Worth it?


Timeline looks like maybe 6 weeks out? And new manufacturing for all parts, so there could be issues. If you can wait go for it?

how do we pay when the price is an estimate on the form?

Did you Get a suplier for the alu housings? I got a vertical machine center at home and I can try to give you a quote if you want to have me make some housings. I’ll make a set for my own escs once I get them and see how it fits. Send me a om if it’s of any interest.

Since I just recently started running the machine I can’t promise more than 0.2mm accuracy for now but the machine is specced to 0.02accuracy and 0.005mm repeatability.

Stewii needs to know how many as this would be reflected in the final price, the price is an approximation but should be fairly accurate as that’s what he’s been selling them for self-assembled.

He’s tired of self-assembly understandably so


Holla holla you got dolla Paid! :money_mouth_face:

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Has anyone gotten a response from stewii after paying? I’ve paid via transferwise, then I sent email asking to verify he got my payment in connection with my order and no response.

Why are people using Transferwise? Whats wrong with Paypal

It’s what @stewii requested. It’s covered in the first few posts.

Is there buyer protection?

Yes, he responded. Don’t worry, i guess he has many things to do. Deadline is tommorrow so he will respond likely after that.

Sorry guys, I will respond to all of you asap and double check all payments. Do not worry :slight_smile:


Paid! :wink:

Paid! Cheers :beers:

Paid! Thanks for the good work, @stewii ! I hope there’s a few bucks in for you. You deserve some!

I’m not sure where I need you to send it. I might live in a different country by the time the ESCs ship, and the shipping address might be not the one I entered into the form. But I assume since you anyway need the final payment, there’ll be time to update the shipping address befor you send it out…

Paid for a pair. If you want to pay for a couple with your debit card, you need to add a extra pound roughly, the system doesn’t tell you this till the final stage and then will not let you go back to the payment stage you need to cancel the transaction. It forces you into using their propriety system?

Paid for a pair.

can i use paypal as my money is in my paypal account not my bank acc. and would take days to transfer… @stewii

Paid for 1 esc and 1 dual enclosure.

Redoing the payment, for some reason transferwise cancelled my original payment.

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