ESCape professional pcb assembly

I really want to take the ESCape to the next level and I am a bit bored of making it myself. So want a professional pcb assembly which will result in a faster, bigger batch and also cheaper.

For this I would need at least 100 made, now if there is interest we could make this happen.

At this point I am still looking for the right factory and I’m not sure about the final price, but i want it to be between $160-170 (£113-120) for a complete unit without shipping.

Do not send any money yet, this is still in an early stage and the final design of the housing might be different (or not) to the current version.

I will update this with more info as soon as possible.

How many units would you be interested in?

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UPDATE: Link to the original ESCape topic

Google form:

This ESCape will be identical to the ones I have been making with the exception of the nRF (wireless) circuitry not being populated.

Two options will be available: single and dual housing. Single version will be similar to what you have seen previously:

I will try to make it full aluminium housing if the quote I get is fair. Like this:

Dual will look like this: (note: dual might have an increased value of £10 per housing.)

Transfer of £85 / unit (value that I will get) now, then once I am ready to ship your units transfer the rest of the amount.

Transfer method: Transferwise:

Very low transfer fee and real exchange rates.

After you fill the form I will email you with the payment details.


would these be available with a dual heat sync option and how would this affect pricing?

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Yes I’d be interested in 2 with the dual heat sink. Btw @stewii make the encloser how ever the heck you want to. F all the haters, remember you are doing something right if you got people like Frank scared.


are we doing this here? there are already 2 other threads to post these messages. can we keep this place tidy and on point?

Hey man if you don’t want to support @stewii don’t do it here this is about his ESC

wow in 2 days already over 100. Over the weekend I will post instructions and more info.

There will be single and dual housing options. nRF IC will not be populated.


Will the motion sensing IC be populated? If not, are the pads there?

No motion tracking sensor either. But all the pads will be there. It’s not an easy one to solder tho. 0.4mm pitch.

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@stewii I have ordered from you via the form on your other thread weeks/months ago, do you want me to transfer the order to this new topic?

or just wait… :thinking:

So who will manage the group buy? If you haven’t got anyone I’m happy to help. EDIT: nevermind I didn’t see you were regular -_-"

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If this does go through I would not use PayPal because they will freeze your account due to the large inrush of funds. I’ve seen this happen to a few companies, and they don’t release your funds until all of the customers have the product and don’t file a dispute for at least 30 days.

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I’ve also heard of that from multiple folks, except I call it “stealing”. I guess you could say I’m a realist who deals in facts.

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Yes like the Electric Samba dude that sold 18650’s on youtube.

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Unless I missed it from the original post, I didn’t see a post associated with the specs of this board. I know it’s probably the same or close to the other version. However we keep having new users showing up to the eskate world so a spec list might help users decide.

Hello @stewii I would like to buy 1 ESCape. I can send you the money on wire transfer or BTC/monero. When will you be taking orders?

On the paypal thing, they do this because scammers send themselves money and then cash out to offshore bank accounts and cancel the order. Or use tons of hacked accounts to buy their own non existent product. They lost a lot of money like this it’s a flaw in the system

If there is trust and reputation there is no need for buyer over-protection.

Then it’s clearly a job for the police to handle, if they could take a break from persecuting people with a joint or driving too fast to actually do real police work

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i want 4 please

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What would the motion sensor normally do? Was it just for some telemetry or did it have another purpose?

Fill this new form please!

First post updated!

So this one won’t have wireless nRF or motion sensors? Were those features not really used before, or another reason for the exclusion?