ESk8 2.0 "Slim Jim" Jacob Hub Motors-Spacecell-Dual Vesc

Here’s a little build thread of my latest unfinished project. I wanted to build a compact board that I can easily take with me as a carry on when traveling. Im still trying to figure out a way make the battery easily removable for TSA check but will likely end doing an ABS battery housing held with 6 bolts and bring tools with me to reinstall the housing.

-JACOB HUB MOTORS I decided to dye the urethane black using rit dye and vinegar and also installed set screws to hold the torque. I ran the motor wires through the base plate for a stealth look. -SPACECELL I bought a used space cell awhile back that had been modified for his build. I made a new housing for the electronics and recovered the battery in ABS shrink tube. Now I just have to make a nice dumby manufacture sticker with 80wh so TSA doesn’t bother.
-PARIS 185MM FRONT TRUCK because these motors have an offset I bought a larger front truck. Unfortunitely I could only find one in silver so I will likely powder coat or paint black.

Waiting on -2 VESC because this deck is so small I will be mounting both vesc sideways -JACOB BOY BETA CONNECT REMOTE


Nice build !!! Can you please post a pic from the side profile.

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Thanks! Just posted a pic. I’ll post more once it’s finished

Where did you buy that charging port with the rubber insert?

hehe, that looks really cool, especially with the huuge hub motors. whats the total weight?

It’s just parts from a space cell that I reassembled

Thanks alot! stoked to try it out! I haven’t weighted it yet but will when its finished

this loocks soo awesome. Im so hyped for the final update and a video of you riding this shorty. Inspired to do a tiny one this summer! thx man

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ABS sheet came in today! It’s awesome how easy this stuff is to work with. Just have to trim the access, make some aluminum side supports and cut the the rectangle for fuel gauge and this battery box is done.

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Looks cleanly done! Did you make a heating rig for this one job?

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No rig just slowly started heating the sides then corners using a ruler and a piece of aluminum to mold the abs


Impressive dude!

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Really nicely done! What is the wheel base on that deck? Did you have to redo the space layout to get it to fit? Could you expand on that a little Thanks

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Thanks a lot! I considered making a rig but ABS is cheap so I figured Id give it a try. Turns out its not hard at all! just time consuming

Thanks dude! Wheel base is only 17" so its pretty small. I had to redo the layout anyways because the used space cell I bought was hacked up with out any casing. Im not sure if my modded space cell is any shorter than the original

this is awesome. I want to see more.

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Soon… very very soon… hopefully… Just waiting on those damn VESC :pensive:

story of our life…

maybe we could order some VESC from Maytech (j/k)

Any updates? :stuck_out_tongue:

sadly none :frowning: still waiting on 2 vesc and beta connect remote